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How can I navigate common road hazards on my motorcycle?

If you regularly ride a motorcycle in Orange County, you know how fun and thrilling an experience it can be. You also know that there are many dangers present on the road, some of which can lead to a serious accident. To this end, it’s important to be aware of common road hazards and know which methods work best for avoiding them.

The AARP provides a list of hazards encountered by motorcyclists, such as debris within the roadway. If something like a pothole or tree limb appears in your path suddenly, you should make every attempt to bypass the item without riding over it. If you have no other option but to ride over road debris, keeping a tight grip on your motorcycle and absorbing shock by lifting up on the foot pegs is crucial. This should be done while going over the debris in a straight line.

Mold in the home can wreak havoc on your health

If you are a renter in California, you know that your landlord is responsible for maintaining a safe home environment. This includes making sure that mold is kept under control to prevent a range of negative health effects. Landlords that fail to address the issue of mold within the home can be held accountable for their actions.

As stated by, mold can cause a range of symptoms that may develop into more serious health concerns over time. If you already suffer from asthma, you could be susceptible to an increase of existing symptoms. Even if you have not previously experienced such symptoms, mold in your home can result in coughing, wheezing, and irritation to the upper respiratory tract.

Government releases guidelines for automated vehicles

While new technology is often met with excitement, many drivers in California and across the nation have concerns about self-driving or automated vehicles. In an attempt to quell increasing anxiety about the safety of these vehicles, new guidelines have been released which are intended to ensure a secure driving experience for all who share the road.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released the new safety guidelines, which focus on several different topics. State requirements are just one area of interest, particularly when it comes to individual automated vehicles complying with any local or regional regulations. The end goal is to have consistent safety standards across all states to make certain laws governing automated vehicles remain well-matched.

Safety tips for driving after dark

Driving at night or when visibility is low can lead to serious and sometimes life-threatening collisions.  That’s why California motorists must take caution when driving at night, which can be accomplished by using the following safety tips.

Popular Mechanics provides information on how to stay safe when driving at night. Adding fog lights to a vehicle is one method of increasing visibility during foggy conditions. These lights are positioned low to the ground to reduce glare, which can harm not only the driver in question but also imperil any oncoming motorists. Fog lights are helpful in other situations as well, as they cover a greater distance than conventional high beams.

What treatments are available for traumatic brain injuries?

If you or a loved one has suffered from a traumatic brain injury in California, you know that finding the appropriate medical treatment is crucial. While some accident victims may not be able to come back from their injuries, others can make a full or partial recovery provided they undergo a treatment method suited to their individual needs.

The Mayo Clinic lists a number of common treatments for TBI, which are categorized by the severity of the injury. There are many different medical professionals that can be involved in overseeing your therapy, such as a neuropsychologist. Emotional stress is common with these types of injuries, and a neuropsychologist can help you deal with stress as well as determine the level of cognitive damage that may be present. Additionally, physical therapy might be recommended in the event you suffer from a significant head injury. This can help you perform those routine activities that are hindered as a result of damage to the brain.

Tips on choosing the right motorcycle helmet

For California motorcyclists, having the right safety gear is of the utmost importance. Without proper protection, including that which is afforded by helmets, the likelihood of a serious injury can greatly increase. Motorcyclists face a number of risks when on the road, and our team at Callahan & Blaine are all too aware of what can occur if riders are not outfitted with the necessary safety equipment. That’s why we encourage all motorcyclists to thoroughly consider which type of helmet is right for their needs.

According to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, selecting a helmet requires a number of considerations. All helmets must be rigorously tested by government agencies before they are released to the commercial market. Testing involves many different areas, including how accommodating a helmet is to a full range of vision (with standards requiring peripheral vision of at least 105 degrees on either side). Helmets must also be able to withstand a penetrating blow from piercing objects and have appropriate shock absorption capability. 

How can I keep young guests safe in my home?

There is nothing more enjoyable for your kids than entertaining friends in the comfort of their own home. However, California families could face severe legal consequences in the event that an accident or injury occurs to visiting children on their premises. That’s why it’s important to take the proper steps to avoid common household accidents, for the well-being of both your family as well as your guests.

Safe Kids Worldwide provides some helpful safety tips on how to prevent accidents from happening within your home. Medication storage is a crucial concern, as kids may inadvertently encounter potentially harmful medicines during their visit. Of course, this can end in catastrophe if accidental ingestion takes place. To stop a tragic accident from occurring, be sure all medications (even things like vitamins) are stored in secure places and out of the reach of children.

Tips on avoiding dangerous conditions on the road

Even for those drivers who make safety a top priority, encountering hazardous road conditions can sometimes result in accidents. Callahan & Blaine wishes all California drivers safe travels no matter where they may roam. Having seen firsthand the disastrous after-effects of serious accidents, they also encourage motorists to be aware of the following tips to better handle any dangerous conditions that occur.

As illustrated by, drivers face a number of treacherous road conditions on a daily basis, and knowing how to react to these occurrences can help mitigate any negative effects. A blown tire can be an extremely dangerous incident, particularly when traveling on a congested highway. Should this occur, steering the vehicle to a safe area away from traffic is the top priority. Motorists should allow the vehicle to slowly decelerate while also remaining in control by keeping a stable grasp on the steering wheel. 

Tips on preventing medication errors

Doctors in California and all over the country frequently prescribe medications to patients to treat a range of illnesses. These treatments are only effective when the medicine being prescribed is done so in an accurate manner. Should a medication error occur, patients can become gravely ill, and some may even die as a result of the medical mistake.

According to the Institute for Safe Medication Practices, mistakes related to prescription drugs can occur both in doctor’s offices, as well as during hospital stays. Drug interactions can be extremely dangerous, so it’s crucial that doctors are aware of potential reactions before giving a patient free samples of a drug. Additionally, complete medication lists should be provided to health care staff at every visit.

Whiplash can result in serious brain injury

Traumatic brain injury can have many causes, including whiplash. While whiplash is often linked to auto accidents, it can occur whenever there is enough force to jolt the head severely in one direction. When it comes brain injuries resulting from whiplash, our legal team at Callahan & Blaine know all too well the physical effects that can follow. We also know it’s important for accident victims to get the care they need in order to have the best chance at recovery.

According to Healthline, concussions caused by whiplash and other occurrences may sometimes have long-term effects. Mitigating these effects is extremely important, and this can be accomplished by abstaining from certain activities until given clearance by a medical professional. Repeated concussions are shown to have a lasting impact, including the development of permanent brain damage that may alter one’s physical or mental capability.

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