Transactional and Corporate Law

Business Advice That Stands Up Over Time and in Court

Successful commercial and corporate transactions not only resolve each party's need to close the deal today or next week. They also prove their value over time, not only as they define the commitments and performance of each party, but as they withstand legal challenges when things go wrong for one side or the other.

At Callahan & Blaine, our practical advice and farsighted counsel can make the difference between documentation that protects your company for decades and a legal time bomb that could blow up at any time. Find out how our experience and insights as business advisers can help your company take advantage of opportunities, protect profits, define roles, manage risk and avoid liability. Contact our office in Santa Ana for more information.

Seasoned Business Lawyers Serving Orange County and Southern California

Named partner Stephen E. Blaine heads our firm's commercial and corporate practice. Over his 30-year career, he has guided our business clients through at least 2,000 transactions across the entire spectrum of organizational and transactional needs. Not a single one has ever been knocked down in court.

Smaller clients depend on our firm to serve as their general counsel on matters including entity selection, employment issues, taxation, regulatory matters, corporate governance and commercial transactions of all kinds. Larger corporations turn to Callahan & Blaine as special counsel for complex negotiations and contract documentation, especially in situations where recent or impending litigation significantly affects our client's interests and objectives.

Examples of the kinds of matters our attorneys handle include:

  • Organization and formation of corporations, partnerships and LLCs
  • Partnership agreements, operating agreements, shareholder agreements and other essential instruments
  • Amendment of organizational documents to accommodate changes in the equity group or the company's scale of operations
  • Business purchases, sales and mergers
  • Real estate transactions
  • Employment law advice
  • Insurance coverage issues
  • Corporate finance, including debt and equity financing
  • Contract documentation with vendors, suppliers, customers, independent contractors or agents
  • Purchase, sale or licensing agreements concerning intellectual property

Callahan & Blaine's reputation as a world-class litigation firm takes nothing away from our firm's ability to protect a company's interests on the front end of business and corporate transactions. In fact, our lawyers' trial experience helps us identify risk and anticipate liability traps. This experience can significantly reduce your exposure in any transaction.

Contact our office in Santa Ana to learn more about Callahan & Blaine's approach to client service on the transactional side of our practice.

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