$7 Million Personal Injury Settlement

In October 2008, Callahan & Blaine successfully settled a case on behalf of a client who was riding his bike in Newport Beach when struck by a newspaper delivery person in the early morning hours. Although the identity of the case itself is confidential, the fact of the settlement is not. Callahan & Blaine's client did suffer traumatic brain injuries and was in the critical care unit in Hoag Memorial and Western Medical Center for nearly two weeks and hospitalized for approximately two months. Since that time, the client has undergone physical, educational and occupational therapy and will continue to undergo therapy and need other medical care for the balance of his life. The client is a middle-aged unmarried man with no children and no history of employment. The average jury verdict for similarly positioned individuals with similar injuries and future needs is $800,000. Thus his settlement is approximately $6-6.2 Million more than the average jury verdict.

After his immediate medical needs are satisfied, the balance of the funds if placed into a long term annuity, should be more than ample to take care of all of his perceived future needs as well as provide compensation for the pain, suffering and change in his daily activities as caused by the accident.

In order to achieve this settlement, Callahan & Blaine overcame strenuous opposition and claims that the newspaper was not responsible for the acts of the independent contractor newspaper carrier, as well as certain causation defenses.

Callahan & Blaine is proud to list this accomplishment amongst its other multi-million dollar settlements.

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