C&B Wins Another Round Against the City of Escondido

On August 5, 2005 San Diego Superior Court Judge Jacqueline Stern ruled in favor of Casa De Amigos Mobilehome Park in Escondido and totally threw out an unfavorable ruling denying the park owner a Constitutional return on its rental property.. Callahan & Blaine represented the park. The Court found that the Board acted in an arbitrary and capricious manner and that no substantial evidence supported its decision; including the reports of two experts the Board had engaged. The Board must hold a new hearing and grant the park a Constitutional amount of rent. The Board may also be held liable for the park's attorneys fees.

This decision follows a number of successful law suits Jim has filed against Escondido invalidating denial of rent increase applications for four different parks; invalidating the City's right to control rental contracts between park owners and tenants; and invalidating the City's attempts to control new rents park owners charge to new tenants.

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