Callahan & Blaine Defeats Malicious Prosecution Case

K. Martin White, an attorney in San Diego County, sued Wah Su Lim for malicious prosecution. In essence, White alleged that Mr. Lim had no basis in law or fact to sue him arising out of his alleged negligent maintenance of his real property in an earlier lawsuit. Callahan & Blaine was successful in having White's lawsuit against Mr. Lim dismissed immediately without the need of a trial. White then appealed to the Court of Appeal, Fourth Appellate District, in San Diego. Callahan & Blaine also represented Mr. Lim in the appellate proceedings. Only 7 days after Callahan & Blaine orally argued Mr. Lim's case in San Diego, the Court of Appeal issued its unanimous decision affirming the Superior Court's decision. Once again, Callahan & Blaine's successful appellate representation stood its clients in good stead.

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