Callahan & Blaine Wins Complex Arbitration

Callahan & Blaine recently won a 1/2 Million Dollar arbitration award for it's client, Tustin Surgical Residency Managers, LLC. Callahan & Blaine contended that Pacific Health Corporation, owner of several major hospitals in Southern California, and its flagship hospital, Tustin Hospital and Medical Center, Inc., failed to fairly pay his client for reorganizing and operating a podiatric residency program to train licensed podiatrists in advanced medical-surgical procedures.

In an intense hearing before a former Superior Court Judge, who served as the arbitrator, and working against one of Southern California's premier law firms specializing in medical issues, Callahan & Blaine proved that Tustin Surgical had earned a very substantial fee and that Pacific Health's and Tustin Hospital's defenses and cross claims were utterly without merit.

The arbitrator awarded Callahan & Blaine's client the total amount it claimed, plus interest, plus late fees, plus the arbitrator's fees and 100% of its attorneys fees.

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