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ANCHOR: A record settlement today for two female joggers who were left paralyzed by a crash.


ANCHOR: They sued the City of Dana Point over a stretch of Pacific Coast Highway that they claimed endangered their lives.

[GRAPHIC: Neria and Daniel]

ANCHOR: Ed Laskos is live with more on the award that will help the women pay for a lifetime of care. Ed?

ED LASKOS: And Carlos, it is being called the biggest pretrial settlement in the history of Orange County. Both sides head to court first thing in the morning this morning thinking they were going to start a trial. Then all of a sudden there is a settlement, a big settlement, 50 million bucks.

DANIEL CALLAHAN: Justice was served today. We received a large settlement for the Nerias and the Daniels. $50 million, the largest in Orange County history. But that's a bittersweet reward in comparison to the consequence and the loss to the families.

ED LASKOS: He's the attorney who represents the two women, Stacy Neria and Carol Daniel, both left quadriplegics. April last year, both jogging in the bike lane along PCH in Dana Point. Both run down by a car that drives right into that bike lane. But that lawsuit alleges the bike lane not properly marked by Dana Point. Still breaking tonight, the city claims it's not at fault.

DOUG CHOTKEVYS: He has an extensive criminal background. He is responsible for this accident, not the city of Dana Point. And it's just unfortunate that he is not being held more responsible for his action that day.

[GRAPHIC: William Bradshaw]

ED LASKOS: William Todd Bradshaw, 38, he's the transient who drove his vehicle into the joggers. He disappeared after the crash, arrested a few days later. Now the settlement that closes the case.

DOUG CHOTKEVYS: Allow the Daniel and Neria families to get on with their lives, provide them with a cash settlement that would take care of their extreme medical needs.

[GRAPHIC: Neria and Daniel]

ED LASKOS: Medical needs for Stacy and Carol, left living with the agony of the accident. One their attorney still maintains should never have happened

DANIEL CALLAHAN: This could have been avoided by the city of Dana Point if they simply invested in a bucket of paint and a stencil.

ED LASKOS: Now live, let's wrap it all up for you. Bradshaw, serving time at a state pen. He got four years. Both of the women expected to hold a press conference tomorrow afternoon to tell you how they feel about this big settlement.

And as for that settlement, 50 million bucks, taxpayers shouldn't worry about it so much because it's coming from insurance companies. But taxpayers should worry about the possibility of those premiums from the insurance companies. They could go higher. For now, we are live in the OC. Ed Laskos, Fox 11 News.

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