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[GRAPHIC: Record Settlement, Live]

ANCHOR: Who filed a lawsuit against the city of Dana Point will receive the highest personal injury settlement in Orange County history. But as Janet Choi reports, the women and their families, they are not celebrating.
JANET CHOI: 35-year-old Stacy Neria can barely speak and is still highly emotional over the loss of using her body from neck down.

STACY NERIA: I miss the wife and the mom that I was and I always wanted to be.

CHRIS NERIA: She misses being the wife and the mom that she was and, and, and that she always wanted to be. I'm sorry.

[GRAPHIC: Neria and Daniel]

JANET CHOI: The once avid jogger and her once very athletic friend, 42-year-old Carol Daniel, will split an almost $50 million settlement agreement that was signed Tuesday, just before the case was scheduled to go to trial. The two women were jogging along the Pacific Coast Highway on April 8th, 2006 when driver William Todd Bradshaw--

[GRAPHIC: William Todd Bradshaw]

JANET CHOI: --hit them as he tried to go around a slow-moving truck. Both women became quadriplegics as a result. The lawsuit named the city of Dana Point as liable for not properly marking the lanes and making the path so wide that drivers mistook it as another driving lane.

[GRAPHIC: William Todd Bradshaw]

JANET CHOI: Bradshaw, the driver who initially fled the accident scene, is serving four years in prison. The large settlement will be paid out of four different insurance companies. There'll be no taxpayer money involved.
The city was unavailable for comment but said in a press release today that while not admitting any fault, they hope this money would contribute to the comfort of the families.

But the settlement still proves to be bittersweet, as both women and their husbands now face a tough reality. Both husbands now do not work as a result of becoming full-time caregivers to their wives.

CHRIS NERIA: In the scheme of things, the money is a small consolation when you consider the, the, the circumstances that our families have gone through in the last year and a half and what we're going to go through in the--in--you know the years to come. But that being said, it's, it's definitely a step in the right direction in putting the pieces of the puzzle for our life moving forward again.

JANET CHOI: The unmarked bike path has since been changed to protect joggers and cyclists, but only after an extensive cost. The accident involving the two women was the first of three different accidents to happen in this area. The next two accidents proved to be fatal. Both were bicyclists. It was after the third accident that the city of Dana Point erected this barricade. Janet Choi, KTLA News.

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