Alcohol use and motorcycle accidents

From drivers who fail to properly pay attention to the road to patches of black ice, there are a variety of hazards that motorcyclists need to keep in mind when they get on their bike. However, the use of alcohol is especially concerning and contributes to many of the motorcycle crashes that occur each year. Alcohol intoxication is responsible for motorcyclists losing control of their bike and it is also to blame for many of the drivers who collide with motorcyclists. Sadly, more lives will be claimed to intoxicated driving in the weeks ahead, especially with Memorial Day weekend coming up.

When a motorcyclist takes to the road after drinking too much, they may be more likely to fall over while trying to turn or collide with a vehicle. For drivers, alcohol use can increase the chances of a wreck by negatively impacting reaction time and causing some drivers to have more difficulty seeing motorcyclists on the road. Unfortunately, the consequences of motorcycle collisions can be especially tragic, especially since motorcyclists are so vulnerable when they are struck by a much larger vehicle. If you were hit by someone who you suspect was drinking while you were riding your motorcycle, you should immediately go over your rights with an experienced Irvine motorcycle accident attorney and take steps to hold them responsible for the crash they caused.

Motorcycle crashes can be tragic for victims and their entire families, leading to lifelong pain and financial struggles. Go to our accident page to view more material related to motorcycle crash injuries.