Arizona motorcycle accident injures deputy

With the amount of traffic on Arizona roads, all vehicles should exercise caution at all times and be aware of their surroundings. Collisions can potentially occur at any moment, resulting in injuries or even fatalities. A particular danger arises when a collision is between two vehicles of significantly different weight, since the impact on the lighter one can be extreme. This factor was involved in a recent motorcycle accident in which a deputy suffered injuries.

The crash happened at approximately 3 p.m. in the San Gabriel Valley. According to a sergeant with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, it occurred on an eastbound lane of 10 Freeway, close to Puente Avenue. The accident slowed down the afternoon commute for other drivers who passed the scene.

The deputy on the motorcycle that crashed works at the West Hollywood Station of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. He had been on his way home and was riding in the No. 2 lane. Meanwhile, a West Covina woman was driving her Ford Expedition SUV eastbound in the No. 1 lane.

At some point, according to reports, the SUV started to merge to the right. The two vehicles then collided. When that happened, the deputy fell off of his motorcycle and landed in traffic lanes. Fortunately, though dazed, he was able to radio for help. Rescuers quickly responded, including a nearby crew of the Metro Freeway Service Patrol. They were able to assist the deputy, who was then treated for his injuries. The woman who was driving the SUV was not injured and is cooperating with the investigation.

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Source: San Gabriel Valley Tribune, “Motorcycle deputy injured in 10 Freeway crash” Brian Day, Jan. 23, 2014