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January 2014 Archives

Investigation into deadly motorcycle crash launched

Traffic accidents can happen for a wide array of reasons. They can occur due to the condition of a driver, such as tiredness or driving under the influence of alcohol. They can also occur due to the time of day, when conditions are different from what a driver expects. This appears to be the case in a set of recent motorcycle accident tragedies, both in San Diego County, California.

Life of Bear Creek student lost in car accident

California roads are some of the busiest in the country. In the vicinity of big cities, this can easily result in perilous situations. With thousands of vehicles going at high speeds, there is enormous potential for collisions. A single wrong decision can cause a crash. Even when roads are less busy, a car accident can easily happen, sometimes for reasons that take a while to determine. This is what happened in the Bear Creek area of San Joaquin County recently, in a case where a Bear creak High School student was killed.

Driver in fatal car accident in custody

California's big city highways are famous for being some of the busiest and most congested in the country. Inevitably, car accident occur. Sometimes this is simply die to the sheer volume of traffic and the speeds of the vehicles. Other times, it may be due to poor road conditions or inclement weather. Often though, negligence or driving under the influence figure in as well. This is reportedly the case in a recent incident that occurred along Interstate 805 on Jan.10.

Pro football player's mother files wrongful death suit

Most Southern Californians remember the tragic incident that occurred on Dec. 1, 2012, when a football player for the Kansas City Chiefs allegedly killed his girlfriend, the mother of his infant daughter, and then went to the Chiefs' training facility and fatally shot himself. There was speculation at the time from the Chicago Sun-Times and numerous other media outlets that the player, Jovan Belcher, may have been suffering from brain injuries sustained during years of hard hits.

Alleged drunk driver crashes into Orange County home, kills man

As if the freeways in Southern California weren't dangerous enough, sometimes you don't even have to be on the road to be injured or killed by a drunk driver. On Dec. 29, a 60-year old Mission Viejo man was killed in his bed when a driver allegedly ran his Cadillac into the house. According to authorities, the driver, whom they say was under the influence of alcohol, was driving at more than twice the posted speed limit: 50-plus mph in a 25-mph zone. The car came to rest with its back tires off the ground. In addition to killing one occupant of the home, the crash cut a gas line. Another man in the home at the time was unhurt.

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