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November 2015 Archives

Unusual circumstances in fatal car crash on California road

A fatal accident resulting in the loss of a loved one takes a toll on the family of the victim. Unlike a death caused by a serious illness, families do not have time to prepare themselves and say their goodbyes when a family member dies suddenly in an accident. It only adds to the tragedy when the accident is caused by a driver who might have been intoxicated.

What is a storeowner's duty of care to customers?

In a situation where a customer slips and falls while on the premises of a retail store, and the fall results in compensable injury, the possibility for the victim to file a premises liability lawsuit against the storeowner exists. But to prove his or her case, what standard of care to ensuring the safety of its patrons does the plaintiff need to establish on the part of the store owner?

Wrongful death: how you can be compensated for losing a loved one

Most people have thought about what the effect would be on their family if they died a sudden and avoidable death. That is one of the reasons why so many people purchase life insurance, to avoid the negative effects that their untimely demise might otherwise have on their loved ones.

California premises liability law vs. sovereign immunity

It used to be that the expression "You can't fight city hall" carried more weight than it does today. That was because of a long-standing legal doctrine known as "sovereign immunity," which held that as a general rule it was difficult if not impossible to sue a government acting in that capacity, or a government agency.

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