California car accident proves fatal

California roads are often amongst the busiest in the country. With so many drivers going at high speeds, the risk of collisions can be substantial. This was demonstrated in a recent car accident case in which six individuals lost their lives. Others survived, but sustained serious personal injuries.

The collision occurred before dawn on the 60 Freeway. According to a news release from the California Highway Patrol, it happened in Diamond Bar, an area east of Los Angeles. According to the state patrol, it was caused by one of the motorists traveling the wrong way.

The motorist was driving a Chevrolet Camaro eastbound while in a westbound lane on 60 east, a part of Diamond Bar Boulevard. It hit a Ford Explorer. That vehicle was then hit by a Ford Freestyle.

The Camaro driver suffered major injuries, as did others in the crash. Some survived their injuries, while others did not. The driver of the Camaro was arrested, since her wrong-way driving clearly caused the accident. She was also believed to have been impaired by alcohol at the time of the incident. The DUI basis for the arrest also includes the fact that she caused great bodily injury and death. She may also be charged with manslaughter.

In this case, the woman who drove the Camaro is expected to face criminal charges based on circumstances of the incident. Those injured in the accident, as well as the families of those killed, may want to seek additional legal recourse as well. When they do, they may discover that they have a chance at recovering the costs of medical bills or funeral expenses.

Source: Reuters, “Wrong-way car crashes in Florida and California kill 11” Brendan O’Brien, Feb. 09, 2014