California car collision kill 2 and injures 3

San Fernando Road can be an area of intense traffic, and there may be limited visibility in some areas after dark. These conditions require that motorists on that stretch of road to be extra careful. Unfortunately, some go the other way, using long stretches of road in that area as places to race. That may have been what happened on a recent Friday night, leading to a high-speed collision in a car accident that killed two and injured three.

It happened about 8 p.m., under the 5 Freeway and south of the 14 Freeway. Witnesses told authorities that the black car in the crash was going south and may have been racing a silver minivan. However, the driver of the black car lost control and slammed head-on into the minivan.

The black car was subsequently described as barely recognizable. Two of the occupants were killed. The third had to be extricated with the Jaws of Life and was then taken to the hospital. That person is listed as being in critical condition. Police say that the black car is only meant to seat two people.

Occupants of the minivan fared better. Two of them are said to have moderate injuries. Both received treatment for those.

Police caution against racing in the area. A Los Angeles Police Department sergeant said that with drivers going in opposite directions, grease and oil, it is easy for speeding drivers to lose control and crash. A local neighbor noted that people often do drive fast in the area.

Whatever the cause of the crash is determined to be, survivors will need to secure all required medical attention. Once they do, they will want to determine their legal rights as well. A good auto accident attorney can help them do so.

Source: NBC Los Angeles, “2 Dead, 3 Injured in Sylmar Crash” Kate Larsen, Aug. 23, 2014