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Malibu High moves students amid environmental contamination scare

When we think of environmental contamination and dangerous chemicals in schools, we generally don't picture upscale areas like Malibu, California. However serious health concerns have recently arisen at Malibu High School that have prompted action by school district officials. Four teachers at the school, which has 1,100 students spanning grades six through 12, have reportedly been diagnosed with cancer this year. Others have complained of migraine headaches and skin rashes. Now, while officials try to...
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Report shows hazards of summer amusement rides: part two

In our most recent post we introduced a study about the high number of injuries sustained by children because of amusement rides. More than 92,000 children ended up in emergency rooms between 1990 and 2010 for ride-related injuries. The report also found that the majority of these injuries result from falls. Such a fall may result in injury if a person falls out of a ride, if someone falls on him or her or if...
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Report shows hazards of summer amusement rides: part one

Southern California has a lot to offer when it comes to thrills and entertainment. Between Six Flags, Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm, many Californians will likely spend a few days of summer enjoying amusement rides. However, a new study shows that a day at the park can sometimes turn into a trip to the hospital. The Center for Injury Research and Policy and Nationwide Children's Hospital recently released a report detailing some of the risks...
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