Dangers motorcyclists face

Riding a motorcycle in California can be risky, as there are dangers that motorcyclists face that other vehicle operators do not. Distracted driving by motorists is part of the cause, as is the fact motorcycles are more difficult to see. Both drivers and riders need to pay more attention so that everyone remains safe.

According to the Journal Sentinel, more people are driving while distracted, and this causes an issue for motorcycle riders as well as for other vehicles on the road. While it is illegal in California to use a cellphone without a hands-free device, some people still do. Holding a phone up to the ear can block the driver’s view of a motorcycle when they change lanes, or even looking down at a phone can take one’s eyes off the road long enough to not be able to see a motorcycle in time. Other distracting devices include tablets, GPS and the radio.

Some motorcyclists are taking measures into their own hands to prevent accidents from occurring. Some put loud horns on their bikes to warn drivers when they drift over into a lane. Others install exhaust pipes that are louder than normal.

The National Safety Council also discusses that skilled motorcyclists can prevent many accidents, so taking a refresher course on motorcycle safety on a regular basis is a good idea. Other things motorcycle riders can do include:

  • Wear a full-coverage helmet 
  • Wear bright and durable clothing
  • Use headlights at all times
  • Stay out of other drivers’ blind spots
  • Use defense mechanisms, especially at intersections