Drunk driving and Labor Day

With Labor Day weekend quickly approaching, you might be looking forward to family celebrations or some other holiday-related event. Many people choose to drink alcohol during the holiday weekend, but some make the poor decision to operate a vehicle when they are over the legal limit. Drunk driving is a serious threat throughout the year, but the likelihood of being involved in a crash may be even greater during certain holidays. At Callahan & Blaine, we know how devastating drunk driving wrecks can be for victims and those they love in Orange County, and across California.

With summer coming to an end and children returning to school, this time of year can be stressful for different reasons. Unfortunately, some people carelessly take to the road after drinking at a family function or other party, putting lives at risk. If a drunk driver has thrown your life into chaos, or if you are ever struck by an intoxicated driver in the future, it is crucial for you to carefully review all details surrounding the wreck and have them held answerable.

For those who are celebrating Labor Day and become intoxicated, it is crucial to stay off the road until sober. Whether someone has to call a cab or spend the night with a relative, those under the influence of alcohol should never threaten innocent lives by trying to drive. On our page that addresses personal injury, you can read more about some of the hardships that drunk driving accident victims may face.