Early-morning head-on collision kills 4, injures 1

Four people were killed in a crash on Highway 50 in Sacramento County, California, on April 22. The victims included the driver of the car that appeared to cause the crash as well as three men in a pickup truck that was hit head-on by the other driver.

California Highway Patrol received a call early Wednesday morning that a Toyota Prius was traveling eastbound on westbound Highway 50. According to CHP, the Prius hit the pickup truck, causing the truck to spin. A third vehicle then struck the truck, causing the truck to catch fire.

All four victims were pronounced dead on the scene, although their identities were not confirmed until the next day. The driver of the third vehicle suffered minor injuries. Police are investigating whether the use of alcohol or drugs was involved in the crash.

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Source: Capital Public Radio, “Authorities Release ID of Driver Involved in Fatal Wrong-Way Crash On Highway 50,” April 22, 2015