Essential swimming pool safety tips for kids

For families in Orange County, summer is the ideal time to relax poolside. However, swimming pool safety is an essential concern, especially for those families with small children who face a significant drowning risk without the proper instruction. Accordingly, the following tips can help keep everyone safe when enjoying the beautiful summer weather.

As illustrated by the American Red Cross, children of all ages should be actively observed while using the pool, whether in a public or private setting. This is especially important for young kids, who should also be outfitted with a safety-certified life jacket for further protection. Children must never be left alone in the pool, and a responsible adult should always present if a trained lifeguard is not.

When it comes to private pools, having the right security measures in place is also extremely important. Step ladders should be removed any time the pool is not in use to ensure kids can’t sneak in after hours. Fences and self-latching mechanisms on gates are also highly recommended, as are alarm systems that can alert pool owners if a trespasser is on the premises. also offers some common sense tips for swimming pool safety. Having rules in place at private pools is imperative to keep both inhabitants as well as guests safe when using pool facilities. For instance, electrical appliances should never be allowed near pools to decrease the risk of electric shock. Children should also be cautioned against running or horseplay around the pool to prevent falls from occurring. For pools that are not deep enough, children should be told that diving is prohibited.