Fire safety in the home is a must

With summer quickly approaching, numerous social gatherings are likely to occur at your home and the homes of others. To this end, families in California must make fire a safety a top priority. Failure to do so will not only endanger lives, it can also result in massive amounts of property damage and exorbitant repair costs.

The National Safety Council offers a few tips on how to ensure your home remains protected in the event a fire breaks out. For instance, planning a route of escape before a fire occurs will ensure you can remain calm when the time comes. You can also run practice drills with your family to make certain they are aware of any routes of exit within your home. In addition, it’s best to utilize both photoelectric and ionization smoke alarms for an added layer of protection.

Knowing the common causes of fire in the home is also beneficial. The kitchen is the most likely place for a fire to occur as a result of cooking equipment. Problems with wiring are also implicated in many fires, as is smoking and some heating devices (such as space heaters).

The Red Cross provides information on what to do if a fire is actually in progress. First and foremost, if a fire extinguisher is accessible be sure you are well familiar with its operation. If there is an abundance of smoke, keep low to the ground as you make your escape. Outside of the home everyone should regroup in the pre-established meeting place and contact the fire department as soon as possible.