How can retailers keep shoppers safe on Black Friday?

With Black Friday rapidly approaching, consumers in Orange County look forward to getting the hottest new products at unbeatable prices. However, you may be concerned about your safety during retail sales events, and rightfully so. Past Black Friday sales have sometimes resulted in significant injury to shoppers, with occasionally devastating consequences.

That’s why retailers are urged to follow certain procedures to protect both consumers as well as workers. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration details what retail store staff must do to ensure that you remain safe during Black Friday shopping excursions. Before the store opens, staff should bring together a comprehensive plan to prepare for large crowds. Because overcrowding can pose a risk of trampling, it’s recommended that sought-after sale items are strategically placed throughout the store. In the same token, crowds must be managed via barricades to allow for an orderly entry into the store itself.

Maintaining effective communication between staff members is another concern. Two-way radios are an effective way to pass along information in the event of an emergency, especially when calling for first aid. To this end, proper emergency training is imperative to afford workers a plan of action. Precautions should also be taken to ensure store entryways and exits are not blocked.

Once the store opens, your safety depends on the staff’s ability to maintain order. Accordingly, it’s vital that workers are aware of occupancy limitations to prevent more shoppers from entering the building until it is safe to do so. Disabled shoppers must also be accommodated, which entails having fully-accessible entrances and creating a secure shopping environment.