Liability insurance may help when accidents happen

There are many different types of liability insurance in California. Some common types include a homeowner’s insurance policy, auto insurance for drivers and general liability insurance for businesses. Anyone may become liable for an accident at any time, making liability insurance a good investment when policyholders can count on this to pick up the slack.

Still, property owners often express surprise when they find that they are responsible for an accident. NerdWallet shares some of the most unexpected times when a person may need to make a claim on their liability insurance in the event of an accident.

Food poisoning at a get-together

A family hosts a barbecue where they provide food for the guests. Everyone has a wonderful time, but one guest calls to say they spent the following day at the hospital recovering from food poisoning. It may be difficult to prove that the family was negligent, but the sick guest may still file a claim. Renters insurance and home insurance policies include coverage for medical expenses. The guest may also rely on their own health insurance policy.

Tree falls on neighbor’s roof

Jack has a tall tree by the fence separating his property from Jill’s. During a bad storm, heavy winds blow the tree down and it falls onto the roof of Jill’s house and causes extensive damage. Even though Jack owned the tree, it is Jill’s home insurance policy that may end up footing the bill. If the tree was rotting or otherwise damaged and Jack was aware of this but did nothing, he may be held liable instead.

Dog restrained by an electric fence

Jack returns from vacation to see that Jill now allows her German Shepherd to roam free in the yard. While walking by, the dog rushes toward him, barking and baring teeth. Jack becomes frightened and runs off, but then falls and sprains his ankle. Meanwhile, the dog encounters the restrictions of his invisible electronic fence and retreats. Jill may still be responsible even though the dog never made physical contact with the neighbor. points out that businesses need liability insurance too. In fact, some may argue that businesses need this more than individuals because of a higher likelihood of being sued, causing a work-related error or someone becoming injured on the property. When it comes to protecting property and the people who visit or work there, businesses may wish to consider property insurance, workers’ compensation insurance and even vehicle insurance.