Motorcycle safety can help prevent accidents

Sunny Orange County days often bring out motorcycle enthusiasts in droves. While it can be freeing to let loose on the open road, riders must ensure they are implementing these essential safety tips to help reduce the risk of serious accidents from occurring.

According to Business Insider, riders must constantly be aware of their current skills and abilities when it comes to operating a motorcycle. Advanced riders are able to undertake complex maneuvers that may be difficult for newer motorcyclists to accomplish. This is especially important to remember when traveling with riders of varying skill levels, as less skilled motorcyclists may feel the pressure to keep up. Taking a safety course can be a great way to enhance one’s current skill level, as well as offering an overview of important regulations and traffic laws.

No matter the rider’s skill level, having the right gear is of paramount importance. Footwear must be sturdy and offer adequate ankle support for balancing when at a stop. Outerwear, such as jackets, should be constructed from rugged materials (like leather) to protect the rider in the event of a crash. Of course, helmets are a vital component of motorcycle safety. When choosing a helmet, look for one that has been approved by regulatory agencies and that offers the appropriate fit. An ill-fitting helmet can be uncomfortable as well as dangerous should it inhibit a rider’s vision.

Failure to incorporate these safe driving tips can increase a motorcyclist’s risk of being involved in a serious accident. Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that of all traffic fatalities occurring in 2013, approximately 14 percent were motorcyclists. Additionally, 88,000 riders were injured that same year, with many accidents involving hazardous driving behaviors (such as speeding or operating a motorcycle while intoxicated).