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California issues important rules regarding self-driving cars

Technology moves so quickly in the automotive industry that it can be difficult to stay on top of new trends. A relatively new phenomenon that people in Orange County may have seen is the self-driving car, which is intended to reduce traffic accidents. However, leadership in the state is concerned about the vehicle’s safety, which has prompted several important new rules.

Pedestrian accidents can be among the most serious

Some things seem more outwardly impressive than others, at least from a visual standpoint. For example, if you see two vehicles involved in a collision, this might seem like a more serious form of accident than one in which a vehicle strikes a pedestrian. But looks can be deceiving.

What is negligent infliction of emotional distress?

You can call it common knowledge that in an accident between two vehicles, or when a car hits a pedestrian, a person who is injured as a result can have a claim for negligence against the driver responsible. But that is not the only way that someone can become a plaintiff from a car accident; indeed, another type of potential plaintiff can exist, one who might not even have been present at the accident.

Car collision risks high for Orange County pedestrians

According to the latest statistics from the federal government, driving has become a safer activity for motorists in California. The state experienced a 45 percent decline in car accident fatalities. The good news for motorists comes at a time when the state ranks in ninth place as the deadliest place for pedestrians.

Two-car accident raises possible wrongful death issues

Serious car accidents can go into one of two paths when it comes to potential legal claims: the personal injury path, in which those injured in the crash can attempt to recover money damages for their injuries and property damage, and in the worst-case scenario relatives of people killed in the accident can initiate a wrongful death action. 

Why take a defensive driving course?

If you have not already suffered a serious injury due to a negligent driver, could you imagine your entire life being put on hold because of a car accident? Perhaps not, which is why so many chose to opt out of valuable defensive driving courses. Traffic school is regulated by the state of California and was designed to teach drivers skills that could help them to avoid an accident and potentially save their life.

Can a statutory violation be evidence of negligence?

Establishing negligence on the part of a defendant in a car accident case is a matter of matching the facts of your case to the legal formula setting forth the required elements for a negligence cause of action. These include showing that the defendant owed you a duty of reasonable care, breached that duty, and that you were proximately harmed as a result. Ordinarily your plaintiff’s attorney will need to work with you to assemble the evidence necessary to establish each of these elements, through a combination of witness testimony, physical and documentary evidence.

How do I know if an insurance adjuster is being fair?

If you have been involved in a car accident with another driver, and you make a claim against the other driver's insurer (or your own), you may find yourself dealing with the flip side of the insurance industry coin: instead of the way that they portray themselves in advertisements (a good neighbor with whom you are in good hands because they are on your side), they can become experts at playing hardball negotiations.

Police try to stop the damage caused by a distracted driver

Texting and driving laws in California are tough. Stopping at a red light or at a stop sign might seem like a safe place to take a peek at your cellphone to check your text messages, but you might end up with a ticket if you are spotted by a police officer, and the police are watching.

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