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Study shows link between brain injuries and post-traumatic stress

We have discussed here on multiple occasions the long-term effects of concussions and other brain injuries. A number of former professional football players have come forward recently with their own stories of memory loss, depression and host of neurological conditions.

Signs of chronic traumatic encephalopathy found in 3 patients

We've discussed the increasing evidence that concussions and other head trauma suffered by athletes can have lifelong consequences on the brain. Although numerous former players have come forward to report neurological and memory problems, depression and other mood disorders they believe were caused by years of hard knocks to the head, the diagnosis of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) could only definitively be made after death. Some players like Junior Seau allowed their brains to be studied post-mortem to enable doctors to learn more about the disease that impacted their lives, as well as those of other athletes and military veterans.

New coalition aims to prevent head injuries to young athletes

With concerns around concussions and other types of brain injury at the forefront of discussion in all levels of sports in Orange County and throughout the country, a group of leading youth athletic organizations is banding together to try to make contact sports safer for kids. In so doing, they hope to ease the fears of nervous parents who are increasingly keeping their children out of team sports.

NFL and players reach $765M settlement regarding head injuries

Following years of lawsuits and months of mediation, many California pro football fans, like those across the country, were surprised to hear about a proposed settlement to the lawsuits brought by over 4,500 former National Football League (NFL) against the league. The players contend that their neurological ailments stem from concussions they received playing football. The proposed settlement of $765 million will be used to compensate players for their injuries, pay for medical exams, and fund medical research.

Football helmet warnings are tougher, but may not change behavior

As high school and college football players in Orange County and throughout the country start practicing for the upcoming season, the issue of safety is once again at the forefront of many conversations. An increasing cause of concern and litigation has been the incidence of brain injury caused by playing football.

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