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How can I recognize signs of aggression in my dog?

As a dog owner in California, you have a responsibility to keep your pet from causing harm to others. Failure to do so can lead to serious injury, as well as harmful lawsuits that may even result in the loss of your beloved animal. You can keep others safe from harm however by recognizing common signs of aggression in dogs and knowing how to mitigate them.

How can retailers keep shoppers safe on Black Friday?

With Black Friday rapidly approaching, consumers in Orange County look forward to getting the hottest new products at unbeatable prices. However, you may be concerned about your safety during retail sales events, and rightfully so. Past Black Friday sales have sometimes resulted in significant injury to shoppers, with occasionally devastating consequences.

Mold in the home can wreak havoc on your health

If you are a renter in California, you know that your landlord is responsible for maintaining a safe home environment. This includes making sure that mold is kept under control to prevent a range of negative health effects. Landlords that fail to address the issue of mold within the home can be held accountable for their actions.

How can I keep young guests safe in my home?

There is nothing more enjoyable for your kids than entertaining friends in the comfort of their own home. However, California families could face severe legal consequences in the event that an accident or injury occurs to visiting children on their premises. That’s why it’s important to take the proper steps to avoid common household accidents, for the well-being of both your family as well as your guests.

Prevention of playground injuries is a must

Playgrounds are a great place for kids to interact and get some much-needed exercise. Despite the many positive attributes offered by recreational play areas, many California families remain concerned about their overall safety. The fact is that playground-related injuries are exceedingly common, and avoidance of these injuries requires the proper protections.

What responsibilities do landlords have in CA?

If you live in a rental property in California, your landlord is beholden to certain responsibilities so that your dwelling remains safe and habitable. It's important for you as a tenant to be aware of these responsibilities in the event discrepancies occur, while also knowing what you are ultimately responsible for according to the law.

Shopping carts are a frequent source of injury for children

Shopping carts are a staple of virtually every retail space in Orange County, from grocery stores to clothing outlets. Despite their practicality, carts can pose a significant risk to children under certain circumstances. Resulting injuries can be quite severe, particularly when they involve the head or neck.

Swimming pool safety tips for summer

As summer rapidly approaches, Orange County homeowners may be in search of the best methods for keeping their swimming pools safe. This is especially important when children are on the premises, whether they live in the home or are visiting friends and relatives.

Can I sue my landlord for unsafe conditions?

As a tenant in California, your landlord must ensure that your living space is safe and habitable for all. So what happens when a property owner refuses to uphold those basic requirements necessary to create a safe home? Knowing your rights as a tenant is essential to this end, particularly when a landlord neglects a property to the point that it becomes dangerous.

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