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Motorcycle accident on I-80 results in fatality

California roads are some of the busiest in the country. Some have described the roads as a concrete jungle of overpasses and underpasses. With the sheer volume of traffic that is on them every day of the year, it is inevitable that some collisions occur. This can be particularly problematic if the respective weights of the vehicles colliding have a significant disparity, with one being much heavier and one being much lighter. This held true in the case of a recent motorcycle accident.

Motorcycle accident kills off-duty cop in Corona

An off-duty police officer in California was killed while he was riding his motorcycle on May 1 on Highway 91 in Corona. The motorcycle accident occurred when a sedan clipped the man's Harley-Davidson while changing lanes on that road. The 30-year-old victim had been with the San Bernadino Police Department for eight years, and he became a motorcycle officer just a few months ago.

Marine killed in motorcycle accident weeks after return from war

A California man has been arrested in a drunk driving accident that left a U.S. Marine dead. The victim, a 23-year-old man from Union City, had reportedly returned from Afghanistan just weeks before the March 25 motorcycle accident. He was thrown from his motorcycle by a motorist who was reportedly attempting to flee from police officers.

California motorcycle hit-and-run case affected by alcohol test

Vehicular accidents can be complex. There may be damage to the vehicles involved, and maybe to surrounding property, as well as injuries to those in the vehicles and also to pedestrians. The fault for many cases can seem clear, while in other cases it gets complicated. The latter is true in a motorcycle accident case in California.

Arizona motorcycle accident injures deputy

With the amount of traffic on Arizona roads, all vehicles should exercise caution at all times and be aware of their surroundings. Collisions can potentially occur at any moment, resulting in injuries or even fatalities. A particular danger arises when a collision is between two vehicles of significantly different weight, since the impact on the lighter one can be extreme. This factor was involved in a recent motorcycle accident in which a deputy suffered injuries.

Investigation into deadly motorcycle crash launched

Traffic accidents can happen for a wide array of reasons. They can occur due to the condition of a driver, such as tiredness or driving under the influence of alcohol. They can also occur due to the time of day, when conditions are different from what a driver expects. This appears to be the case in a set of recent motorcycle accident tragedies, both in San Diego County, California.

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