Steps to take after being involved in a car accident

Motorists from California may be wondering what steps they should take if they have a car accident, especially if the accident causes injuries to any of the parties involved. Motorists are advised to stay at the scene of the accident; if a person drives away from an accident in which a person was injured or killed, they might be held criminally responsible as a hit-and-run driver.

It is unlawful to forgo providing reasonable assistance to an injured party. Individuals who have not received first aid training should avoid moving an injured person in order to avoid making the injury even worse. If a situation is present where the person is in danger, however, they should be moved to safety, regardless of whether their injuries become worse as a result.

If there are no flammable liquids present, motorists should warn others on the roadway by using flares, using the vehicle’s hazard lights and lifting the hood of the engine. This could prevent additional accidents from occurring. After ensuring that others are not injured, the police should be notified whenever there is significant injury, fatality or damage to a vehicle. Motorists should insist that a police report be filled out and get the name and badge number of the officer on scene.

Individuals should be cautious when discussing the details of the collision to anyone other than an attorney, their insurance company and the police who respond to assist. Caution should also be taken in situations where an insurance company offers an early settlement. Ensuring that the appropriate medical attention is received in the case of an injury should be the first priority before any settlement is agreed upon. A Santa Ana personal injury attorney might be able to assist an injured person or defend an individual who might be at fault.