Tips on avoiding dangerous conditions on the road

Even for those drivers who make safety a top priority, encountering hazardous road conditions can sometimes result in accidents. The Irvine personal injury lawyers at Callahan & Blaine wishes all California drivers safe travels no matter where they may roam. Having seen firsthand the disastrous after-effects of serious accidents, they also encourage motorists to be aware of the following tips to better handle any dangerous conditions that occur.

As illustrated by, drivers face a number of treacherous road conditions on a daily basis, and knowing how to react to these occurrences can help mitigate any negative effects. A blown tire can be an extremely dangerous incident, particularly when traveling on a congested highway. Should this occur, steering the vehicle to a safe area away from traffic is the top priority. Motorists should allow the vehicle to slowly decelerate while also remaining in control by keeping a stable grasp on the steering wheel.

Inclement weather conditions, such as foggy roads, can also play a role in accidents. In this case visibility may be impacted, at which point low beams should be switched on. Decreased speed is also important when encountering foggy conditions in order to be able to respond swiftly to any debris in the road or other vehicles.

Skidding may also occur on slick and rainy roads. In this case, skids can be prevented by driving at a speed suitable for the conditions present. Should loss of control occur anyway, drivers are encouraged to steer their vehicle into the direction of the skid while also removing their feet from the gas. Sudden braking should be avoided, as this can actually cause further loss of traction. If you’ve been injured as a result of another person’s careless behavior behind the wheel, please visit our website to learn more about your options.