When someone you love dies at work

It can be very hard for people to accept that they have lost a loved one and sometimes, no amount of money can make up for the loss. However, for some people it might be even more difficult, such as those who lost a parent, sibling, child, or another family member in a workplace accident. Not only do workplace accidents raise a number of hardships and questions, but some people have a hard time accepting that a preventable accident was responsible for the passing of their loved one.

Whether something goes wrong on a construction site or a taxi driver passes away in a fatal accident, there are all sorts of different workplace accidents that can prove fatal. For the workers who pass away, the accident may be incredibly painful for loved ones and cause an emotional wound that will never heal. Furthermore, other problems can arise and you may be working through these yourself if you are in this position. For example, you could be having a hard time covering hospital bills or funeral expenses. These tragedies can also eliminate the income that an entire family was counting on, resulting in significant financial hardship.

Although you may feel as if you cannot do anything about your loved one’s death, consider speaking with a qualified Newport Beach wrongful death lawyer as there could be different options for you. For example, you may be able to hold responsible someone who caused your loved one to pass away. Over on our firm’s wrongful death page, you can read more information that has to do with fatal workplace accidents.