3 travel tips for holiday driving

Many people in California find themselves on the road quite a bit over the holiday season. Playing it safe is crucial in this case, as you’ll be dealing with tons of other motorists, icy conditions, and nighttime driving. The following tips ensure you make it to your destination safe and sound.

Practice defensive driving behaviors

Even the best drivers can get a little rusty over time. That’s why CNN recommends you begin honing your defensive driving behaviors now, even before you set out on your journey. Maintain a safe speed at all times and know how to deal with slick roads by applying gas slowly when speeding up. When following behind other vehicles, leave a large window of time (up to ten seconds) to so you can stop in time. Also, make sure your kids are secured in the back seat to prevent distractions.

Take breaks as needed

If you’re driving a long distance, fatigue is a real issue. Beat fatigue by getting enough sleep the night before you start your trip and take breaks as needed during it. Fatigued driving is as dangerous as drunk and distracted driving, so you want to make sure you’re well-rested before your journey. Packing an emergency kit is also a good idea on long trips. Your kit should include warm clothing, water, non-perishable food, extra phone chargers, warning flares, and flashlights.

Map out the route you plan to take

Keep in mind that many other drivers will be on the road at the same time you are. That’s why AAA suggests mapping out your route, which gives you an idea of how long your trip will take. If you’re concerned about traffic buildup, consider taking alternate routes or backroads. However, also be wary of weather conditions, which can make this type of driving far more hazardous. Be sure to leave yourself enough time so you don’t feel rushed.