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How many traffic deaths are caused by speeding?

The roads are dangerous for many reasons, from those which are within a driver’s control (such as driving sober, following traffic safety laws, etc.) to those which are out of a driver’s ability to manage such as severe weather. Sadly, many lives have been lost in accidents that were the result of a driver failing to drive responsibly. There are many different examples of reckless behavior, but speeding is especially concerning for a number of reasons. Not only can drivers reach high speeds without realizing it, but going over the speed limit can make the impact of a collision even more damaging.

According to data that is published on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website, speeding made up for over one-quarter of all of the traffic deaths that occurred in 2016. In fact, more than 10,100 lives were lost in motor vehicle crashes during 2016 as a result of speeding. Tragically, many of these lives could have been saved if drivers had simply stayed within the speed limit and driven responsibly.

Do heat waves increase the chances of auto accidents?

There are a wide variety of concerns when it comes to motor vehicle collisions. Many people focus on drunk drivers and understand how dangerous it can be to ignore traffic signs and drive recklessly. However, there are many other factors which can lead to a fatal motor vehicle collision and some may be completely out of a driver’s control. For example, extreme weather events including heat waves can be problematic when it comes to traffic safety.

Data that was published by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences shows the results of a study, which found that heat waves cause a significant increase in the likelihood of motor vehicle wrecks. The study, which assessed more than 118,000 collisions, found that during a heat wave the likelihood of an accident was 2.9 times greater.

Are motorcyclists more likely to pass away in a crash?

Everyone who travels in any type of vehicle faces a number of risks and may find their lives completely upended following a traffic collision. However, some people may be especially vulnerable with respect to some of the traffic collision consequences, such as the loss of life and devastating injuries. Those who ride a motorcycle, for example, are more exposed in comparison to those driving a large truck or a small car. Moreover, when they are involved in a collision, they may be more likely to lose their lives.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, data on fatal traffic accidents during 2014 shows that motorcyclist deaths took place 27 times more often than the deaths of those who were driving other types of vehicles. Over the course of 2014, more than 4,500 motorcyclists lost their lives in these wrecks and many were under the influence of alcohol and/or not wearing a helmet that was approved by the Department of Transportation.

Depression and the risk of a crash

When people think about negative emotions and motor vehicle wrecks, anger is one of the first emotions that many people will probably have in mind. While anger can result in road rage and a driver becoming aggressive on the road, there are other ways in which emotions can impact driving abilities. For example, someone who is depressed may also be more likely to cause a motor vehicle wreck.

Depression occurs for all sorts of reasons. Someone may be very sad after a family member passes away, because of losing their job, or breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend. Divorce and various family law issues, such as a child custody decision, can also leave one feeling depressed. These strong emotions can become overwhelming and they can impact driving abilities in different ways. For example, a driver who is very depressed may not react as quickly while behind the wheel, or their mental focus may be adversely affected by the challenges they are facing.

Car accidents and medical marijuana

In recent years, many parts of the country have legalized marijuana for medical use or even recreational use, in some instances. As with any drug that is taken for medical reasons, there may be a number of side affects and the drug can affect people differently. Sometimes, a person may be more likely to cause a motor vehicle collision after using marijuana. In this post, we will look over some of the different risks related to medical marijuana use and driving.

Many people realize that alcohol is incredibly dangerous when it come to driving and drunk driving claims many lives each year. However, medical marijuana can also leave users very intoxicated and significantly impact their ability to drive safe. Moreover, some drivers may be impaired after consuming marijuana and they may not realize that their ability to drive safe has been adversely affected by using a very small amount of marijuana.

The risk of a collision during nighttime hours

Motor vehicle collisions have many different causes and people frequently realize that poor weather conditions such as snow or heavy rain, the use of alcohol, distractions including smartphones and turning the radio station as well as driver fatigue can all result in a motor vehicle collision. However, there are other potential dangers to be aware of, such as the risks you may face on the road at certain times of the day. Aside from rush hour traffic, there are other times when driving can be difficult, such as during the nighttime hours.

Motor vehicle crashes can occur at night for various reasons. Some drivers may have more difficulty seeing the road due to reduced visibility after the sun goes down. Moreover, driving at night can be difficult for some people due to driver fatigue, whether they have not slept in a long time or they had to wake up early for some reason, such as a medical emergency or going to work at an unusual time. Furthermore, some drivers are intoxicated as a result of alcohol consumption or drug use and this can be especially problematic during the night.

What is an attractive nuisance?

It is hard not worry about your kids when you are not around. There are, after all, several attractions and elements out there in Orange County that they may find appealing yet that you know can be dangerous. Your hope is that the owners of the properties on which such attractions are found understand that children in particular may be drawn to them, and thus take the necessary steps to restrict unauthorized access to them. If such property owners do not do this, is there a way for you to hold them accountable for any injuries your kids sustain from such attractions? 

The law defines man-made attractions that can pose dangers to children as "attractive nuisances." Popular attractive nuisances may include: 

  • Swimming pools
  • Construction sites 
  • Tunnels 
  • Abandoned buildings or vehicles 

Smartphones and motor vehicle crashes

There are all sorts of risk factors when it comes to motor vehicle crashes, some of which are out of a driver’s control (such as inclement weather). However, other factors are solely a result of a driver’s carelessness, such as the consumption of drugs or alcohol behind the wheel. In the digital era, many people are addicted to their smartphones, another major problem on roadways across the country. There are a number of reasons why people use their phones and this behavior is especially dangerous on the road.

Sometimes, drivers use their smartphones to make a phone call or listen to a voicemail. In other instances, they might watch a video, browse the web, read or send a text message or even take a picture or video. One fatal crash that recently occurred even involved a driver who was live streaming via a smartphone. Sadly, the use of smartphones behind the wheel is an extremely common type of distracted driving and has claimed many lives in recent years.

Inexperienced motorcyclists and traffic accidents

Each day, motorcyclists are struck by reckless drivers who fail to drive sober, do not pay attention to the road or exhibit some other example of negligent driving. These collisions can be particularly devastating for motorcyclists, who are especially likely to become injured or lose their lives in a collision. On the other hand, some motorcycle accidents are caused by inexperienced motorcyclists, who may not have very much familiarity with riding a motorcycle. Inexperienced motorcyclists may collide with a vehicle or with another motorcyclist, which highlights how crucial it is for motorcyclists to have the experience they need to ride safely.

In some cases, an inexperienced motorcyclist may be hurt or killed in an accident caused by a negligent driver. Even though they were not responsible for the crash, they may have lacked the experience to avoid the collision. On the other hand, a motorcyclist who has spent countless hours on the road might have been able to dodge the car. When someone is relatively new to riding a motorcycle, they face many threats, including the reckless behavior of other people on the road. It is pivotal for motorcyclists of all skill levels to make sure that they seek justice following a devastating crash that was caused by a driver’s carelessness.

Can poor road maintenance cause a motorcycle crash?

Motorcyclists face many threats on roadways across the country, especially when it comes to reckless drivers such as those who are drunk, distracted or fail to pay attention to other people on the road. However, there are other reasons why a motorcyclist may be involved in a crash, such as poor road maintenance. If you ride a motorcycle, it is important to be aware of these potential risk factors whenever you take to the road.

On the State of Michigan’s website, a number of reasons why poor road maintenance can increase the likelihood of a motorcycle collision have been outlined. For example, a motorcyclist injury or death may occur when someone rides their motorcycle over debris on the road such as gravel, or over an uneven part of the road. Other risks motorcyclists face include potholes and manhole covers that have been left open. In fact, traffic light detection systems that do not register people riding motorcycles and the way in which cracks are filled can even play a role in motorcycle accidents.

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