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Different ways to make stairs safer

Stairs and steps are a common feature of many homes and buildings in Orange County, which is why anyone who owns a property should take great care that their stairs are as safe as possible for kids and adults to use, as taking a fall on stairs can seriously injure or possibly even kill someone. Fortunately, you can decrease the risk of catastrophic injury on your stairs by making some crucial improvements on your California property.

An article on Inlinedesign suggests making stair risers more visible. This will especially help individuals with poor vision. Take care that your steps do not blend in to the surroundings too much and that the edges are distinct enough that a person can judge the edges of the step accurately when they put a foot down. Placing contrasting substances on the nosings of the risers, like yellow colors, can help with visibility. If your steps do not have nosings, place the contrast on the leading edges of the treads.

Calif. wrong-way crash results in death of off-duty officer

It does not matter who one is, what one's profession is or whether or not one is on duty; everyone on the road is vulnerable to injury or death due to a car accident. On Monday evening last week, a law enforcement officer in Fresno, California, lost his life while driving home from work in his personal automobile when another vehicle going the wrong way on Highway 180 struck his in a head-on collision. The driver of the other vehicle also died of injuries sustained in the crash despite the fact that both were wearing seatbelts at the time. 

An investigation is still ongoing to discover the cause of the crash, and authorities have not ruled out alcohol or drugs as a factor. The officer's automobile was actually the sixth vehicle that the other driver, a 33-year-old man from Fresno, struck as he drove the wrong way on Highway 180 between Smith Avenue and DeWolf Avenue. Occupants of the other five vehicles received treatment for injuries that were not life-threatening. No information is available as to how many people the accident involved altogether or about the current conditions of the survivors. 

Video chat and car crashes

Drivers lose their focus on the road because of many different distractions, from passengers in the car bothering them to something happening outside of the vehicle. However, technology has introduced many new ways for drivers to take their eyes and ears off of the road. Various apps tend to distract drivers, and people may even try to play a game on their phone or post something to the internet while driving. Moreover, video chat can be especially dangerous, and this has caused many drivers to become distracted when they should have been paying attention to the road.

Video chat is particularly concerning for multiple reasons. For one, the interaction occurs in real time, so a driver may be more absorbed in the conversation they have with someone (as opposed to a text message, although texting behind the wheel is also dangerous and illegal in many places). Someone who is involved in a video chat may take their eyes off the road to watch the other person talk, or they may become distracted by trying to hold their phone and present themselves before the camera in a certain way. These conversations can also become highly engaging due to the very nature of video chat, which can be extremely distracting.

Recovering from an electric scooter accident

Some people enjoy going for a walk or riding a bicycle, while others prefer to take to the road in more unique ways, such as those who ride electric scooters. Electric scooters can be a lot of fun, but they can also be dangerous. Not only can someone fall down while using an electric scooter, but they may be struck by a vehicle if they are riding near traffic. Sadly, these accidents can be extremely devastating because someone who is riding on a scooter is very vulnerable when they are struck by a much larger vehicle.

Electric scooter accidents can result in a myriad of consequences. Some victims may lose their lives, while others may be injured seriously, resulting in a great deal of pain, permanent disability, problems in their career and many other hardships. Furthermore, the financial and emotional implications of these accidents cannot be ignored, either. From hospital bills to dealing with anxiety and depression, there are many other ways in which electric scooter accident victims suffer.

Crashes involving self-driving cars

Many technological advancements have been made in recent years, some of which have the potential to transform the way in which people go about daily life. For example, driverless cars have appeared, and these cars have even been involved in accidents. In one instance, a pedestrian was killed after being struck by a driverless car. Although these vehicles are not commonplace, they may become much more prevalent in the years ahead. If this happens, drivers and everyone else on the road (including those riding in driverless cars) will have new risks to watch out for.

Unfortunately, driverless cars may not always be able to avoid a crash. After all, technology can fail for various reasons, in the same way that human drivers can fail while behind the wheel. If you are struck by a driverless car while trying to cross the street, riding a bicycle or riding in another vehicle, you may pass away, or you may be left with devastating injuries. In the event that this occurs, it is pivotal to look into who is responsible for your suffering and consider which options you may have on the table. For example, filing a lawsuit may be essential.

How many workers pass away in job-related traffic accidents?

On the job, there are many different dangers that workers encounter, especially in certain fields. Aside from all of the other hazards that come with work responsibilities, those who are required to drive or ride in a vehicle may face an even greater chance of passing away or being hurt in a work-related accident. Sadly, many workers have lost their lives in traffic crashes that occurred while they were working, and it is important to understand how frequently these fatalities occur.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that more than 1,250 workers who were riding in a vehicle or driving on public roads passed away in job-related traffic crashes throughout 2016. These accidents accounted for 24 percent of job-related fatalities in 2016. Many of the fatal collisions involved large trucks, and it is also important to note that many workers passed away in traffic accidents that took place off of public roads as well. In fact, 587 workers passed away while riding or driving in a vehicle that was traveling off of a public road during 2016 (accounting for 11 percent of job-related fatalities).

Auto accidents and herniated discs

When it comes to motor vehicle collisions, there is a long list of potential consequences that victims may face. Aside from the loss of life, financial problems and psychological trauma, injuries can be very concerning and painful for those involved in the wreck. Moreover, some injuries are not apparent right away and it can take days, weeks or months for the injuries to become evident. People may realize that whiplash is a common problem which affects car crash victims, and that strain in the back or neck is not unusual. However, some people do not aware that this pain could represent a much more serious problem, such as a herniated disc.

It can be difficult to tell the difference between back pain that will subside on its own and a herniated disc, which could cause significant back pain. If you have experienced any pain following a motor vehicle collision and you are worried, you should definitely visit a medical professional and make sure that any injuries are addressed properly.

Depression can be dangerous when it comes to driving

Auto accidents happen because of many different reasons, but some are caused by less common factors that can be hard to pinpoint. For example, someone who is struggling with depression may be more likely to cause a motor vehicle collision for a variety of different reasons. In this post, we will look into some of the ways in which depression can play a role in motor vehicle collisions and draw attention to the importance of staying off the road if anything may affect your ability to drive.

A driver may be depressed for any number of reasons, whether they recently went through a tough divorce or they are experiencing financial problems. Depression can interfere with sleep schedules, leading to drowsy driving. Moreover, it may cause someone to abuse alcohol or drugs, which could result in intoxicated driving. A depressed driver may be less likely to stay alert while behind the wheel and some may feel as if they do not even care if they are involved in an auto accident, which can be an extremely dangerous mindset on the road.

Studying while driving

People may cause an auto collision because they are drunk, or because they did not get enough sleep the night before. Outside of fatigue and intoxication, all sorts of other auto accident risk factors exist, and some are not as common. For example, someone may cause a crash because they are trying to study while operating their vehicle. Whether a college student is trying to prepare for an exam, a high schooler is preparing for a quiz or an employee is trying to prepare for a test on their knowledge about a particular subject, there are all sorts of reasons why people may study while they drive. Unfortunately, this can be very distracting and may cause an accident.

People may be especially likely to study while driving because they are on their way to take a test. Some may want to do everything they can at the last minute to increase their chances of passing. However, studying can lead to an accident in many ways. Drivers can lose mental focus when they divert their attention to something other than the road. Moreover, a driver may take their hands off the wheel to turn pages or pick up a paper. Studying while driving can also be distracting because it may cause a driver to take their eyes off the road and try to read.

What is the Glasgow Coma Scale?

The Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) is used to assess the level of consciousness after a person has suffered from a brain injury. It uses a system of scoring based on responses to certain stimuli and has proven highly useful to medical professionals since 1974. offers the following information on the GCS and how it’s used.

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