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How many workers pass away in job-related traffic accidents?

On the job, there are many different dangers that workers encounter, especially in certain fields. Aside from all of the other hazards that come with work responsibilities, those who are required to drive or ride in a vehicle may face an even greater chance of passing away or being hurt in a work-related accident. Sadly, many workers have lost their lives in traffic crashes that occurred while they were working, and it is important to understand how frequently these fatalities occur.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that more than 1,250 workers who were riding in a vehicle or driving on public roads passed away in job-related traffic crashes throughout 2016. These accidents accounted for 24 percent of job-related fatalities in 2016. Many of the fatal collisions involved large trucks, and it is also important to note that many workers passed away in traffic accidents that took place off of public roads as well. In fact, 587 workers passed away while riding or driving in a vehicle that was traveling off of a public road during 2016 (accounting for 11 percent of job-related fatalities).

Auto accidents and herniated discs

When it comes to motor vehicle collisions, there is a long list of potential consequences that victims may face. Aside from the loss of life, financial problems and psychological trauma, injuries can be very concerning and painful for those involved in the wreck. Moreover, some injuries are not apparent right away and it can take days, weeks or months for the injuries to become evident. People may realize that whiplash is a common problem which affects car crash victims, and that strain in the back or neck is not unusual. However, some people do not aware that this pain could represent a much more serious problem, such as a herniated disc.

It can be difficult to tell the difference between back pain that will subside on its own and a herniated disc, which could cause significant back pain. If you have experienced any pain following a motor vehicle collision and you are worried, you should definitely visit a medical professional and make sure that any injuries are addressed properly.

Depression can be dangerous when it comes to driving

Auto accidents happen because of many different reasons, but some are caused by less common factors that can be hard to pinpoint. For example, someone who is struggling with depression may be more likely to cause a motor vehicle collision for a variety of different reasons. In this post, we will look into some of the ways in which depression can play a role in motor vehicle collisions and draw attention to the importance of staying off the road if anything may affect your ability to drive.

A driver may be depressed for any number of reasons, whether they recently went through a tough divorce or they are experiencing financial problems. Depression can interfere with sleep schedules, leading to drowsy driving. Moreover, it may cause someone to abuse alcohol or drugs, which could result in intoxicated driving. A depressed driver may be less likely to stay alert while behind the wheel and some may feel as if they do not even care if they are involved in an auto accident, which can be an extremely dangerous mindset on the road.

Studying while driving

People may cause an auto collision because they are drunk, or because they did not get enough sleep the night before. Outside of fatigue and intoxication, all sorts of other auto accident risk factors exist, and some are not as common. For example, someone may cause a crash because they are trying to study while operating their vehicle. Whether a college student is trying to prepare for an exam, a high schooler is preparing for a quiz or an employee is trying to prepare for a test on their knowledge about a particular subject, there are all sorts of reasons why people may study while they drive. Unfortunately, this can be very distracting and may cause an accident.

People may be especially likely to study while driving because they are on their way to take a test. Some may want to do everything they can at the last minute to increase their chances of passing. However, studying can lead to an accident in many ways. Drivers can lose mental focus when they divert their attention to something other than the road. Moreover, a driver may take their hands off the wheel to turn pages or pick up a paper. Studying while driving can also be distracting because it may cause a driver to take their eyes off the road and try to read.

What is the Glasgow Coma Scale?

The Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) is used to assess the level of consciousness after a person has suffered from a brain injury. It uses a system of scoring based on responses to certain stimuli and has proven highly useful to medical professionals since 1974. offers the following information on the GCS and how it’s used.

How it works

Seat belts, accidents and abdominal injuries

On the road, you may encounter a number of different hazards. For example, you may come across potholes, pedestrians darting across the road, ice or any other number of things to watch out for. Moreover, there may be objects in your car that you need to watch out for and other unusual risk factors in a car crash. for example, you may sustain abdominal injuries from your seatbelt after you are involved in a wreck.

Wearing a seatbelt is extremely important, of course, and this behavior has saved many lives. Sadly, it is just another example of how car accident victims can be hurt when they are hit by someone who is driving recklessly. If you think that you may have suffered abdominal injuries after a car accident, it is important to make sure that you seek treatment and do all you can to recover. These injuries could shatter your life in different ways and it may also be necessary to take legal action against a reckless driver who has caused you so much suffering.

Why do so many accidents occur at traffic lights?

Any place on the road can be dangerous, but some areas are especially likely to see an accident. For example, an intersection may see a large number of accidents and it is also important to keep in mind that some intersections are riskier than others. For example, some may be located in areas that see a lot of traffic or in places where road signs confuse many drivers. So, why do so many collisions occur at traffic lights, even though drivers should have no problem obeying the signals that tell them when to come to a stop or continue driving?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has provided detailed information on traffic crash statistics for accidents that occur at traffic lights and stop signs. A number of factors were reviewed by the NHTSA, such as driving too fast, aggressive driving, illegal maneuvers, and miscalculating the intentions of another driver or their speed. Other factors that lead to crashes at traffic lights include performance errors, distractions, obstructed views and inattentiveness.

Is drowsy driving against the law?

Many people understand that driving while very tired is not a smart move, but some do not realize that doing so may result in additional legal challenges in the event that a deadly crash occurs. In fact, not only are there laws against this behavior in a number of places, but drowsy driving may become illegal in other states in the years to come. From causing an accident that results in property damage to leaving victims with devastating injuries or claiming lives, drowsy drivers cause many heartbreaking problems and they should be held accountable for this behavior.

According to the New Jersey Legislature’s website, drivers who are knowingly fatigued are considered to have been driving recklessly when they cause a fatal accident. In this instance, reckless fatigue consists of going without sleep for more than 24 hours. The bill, which is known as “Maggie’s Law,” was introduced in 2002.

Driving with dogs and the risk of a collision

Many people enjoy taking their dogs to the park or bringing them along when they go to visit a friend or family member. Likewise, dogs often enjoy riding in the car as well. However, there are some important things to keep in mind if you regularly drive with your dog, especially if you do not have very much experience bringing your furry friend along with you while you are on the road. For example, new dog owners may lack experience in this area and they may cause an auto accident.

First of all, dog owners should be mindful of their pet and make sure that they will not increase the chances of a wreck. For example, a loud bark may startle a driver and cause them to swerve into another lane. Or, a dog may become extremely excited and try to jump onto their owner’s lap while they are trying to drive, which could result in the driver losing control of the vehicle. Unfortunately, these types of incidents have caused car accidents in the past and dog owners have a responsibility to be aware of any hazards that could affect their driving abilities.

New work schedules and car crashes

Someone may become involved in a car collision because of another person’s reckless behavior, such as a driver who is distracted while using their phone. However, various life changes can also lead to a crash, such as a new work schedule. There are many different reasons why adjusting to working at a different time of day (or night) can cause someone to become involved in a wreck and it is important to be mindful of this if your hours recently changed or you will work a new shift in the near future.

First of all, a new work schedule can lead to sleep deprivation. For example, someone may have to stay up later than they are used to, or they may have to wake up early in the morning to get to work. This can lead to drowsy driving, a major concern on roads across the country. Aside from driver fatigue, another concern that comes with new work schedules is speeding and erratic driving when a worker is running late. For example, you may not be used to leaving for work at a certain time and you may find yourself in a rush to get to work.

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