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Missing out on pastimes following a collision

There are certain car crash consequences and facets of the recovery process that receive a lot of attention, such as broken bones and gaining access to compensation one needs. However, it is essential to bear in mind that these accidents can result in many other troubles that upend a victim’s life. For example, you may not be able to participate in certain pastimes if you sustain an injury in a motor vehicle wreck and our law firm is aware of how upsetting this can be for victims and their friends and family members.

Whether you are part of a bowling team or enjoy golfing, an auto accident injury may leave you unable to continue participating in things you enjoy. Unfortunately, missing out on hobbies and interests because of injuries one sustained in a wreck can make recovery even more challenging from a mental point of view.

Online posts after a motorcycle crash

Motorcycle accidents can shatter life in various ways, some of which have been addressed on this blog. If you were hit by a car or injured while riding your motorcycle, there are other issues you may want to consider beyond the injuries and financial problems you may be struggling with. For example, you may want to watch what you say online, especially if you plan on filing a claim with your insurance company or taking legal action.

Our law firm realizes that many people feel as if they need a sense of support after a crash, which is why some share their story on social media. Unfortunately, certain types of information can be used as evidence against someone. For example, if someone discusses their injuries or certain details about the accident they were involved in, it could come back to haunt them, depending on the type of information they shared. From video posts to short messages and photo albums, there are many ways to share information with others on the internet. If you are struggling to recover from a crash, you should be careful before uploading something to a social networking site or anywhere else on the internet, for that matter.

Motor vehicle crashes and Halloween

Recently, many people across the country took part in Halloween celebrations. Some went trick-or-treating with their kids, while others attended parties and haunted houses. Unfortunately, some people found themselves in motor vehicle collisions that resulted in serious injuries. Worse, there are certain times of year, such as on holidays, when the likelihood of a fatal accident is even greater. We know the pain and devastation that these collisions cause for victims and those close to them. As a result, you should explore all of your options if you were hurt in an auto accident on Halloween or any other time of year, for that matter.

Halloween can be especially dangerous for diverse reasons. On the one hand, trick-or-treating can lead to an increase in pedestrian and motor vehicle traffic. However, other threats are even more concerning, such as the prevalence of drunk driving. Many people celebrate Halloween in bars and at parties, where they consume enough alcohol to lead to intoxication and interfere with their ability to drive. Sadly, some choose to put lives at risk by getting in their car and driving under the influence. Whenever a car accident victim is suffering because of another person's negligence, they should examine any resources that can help out.

Eyesight and motor vehicle accidents

Our law firm knows how dangerous it can be to ride in a vehicle, especially with all of the negligent drivers on the roads. However, there are things to watch out for in addition to alcohol consumption, speeding, icy roads, and other risks. For example, we know that poor eyesight or anything that obstructs a driver's vision could lead to a collision. If you were hurt in a crash that happened because a driver was unable to see the road correctly, or for any other reason, you should review your legal rights instantly and ensure that the aftermath of the wreck is approached with care.

Sometimes, a driver may decide to operate a vehicle without their glasses or with the knowledge that they may not be able to see the road appropriately. In other instances, a driver may have his or her vision obstructed due to heavy rainfall or fog, or an obstruction on or near the road (such as grass that has not been cut). Moreover, a visual disturbance may be brought on by a health problem, temporarily interfering with a driver's eyesight. All of these problems can contribute to a motor vehicle accident and drivers should be mindful of anything that could interfere with their vision behind the wheel.

Drawing a connection between spiders and car crashes

Many Americans recognize that car accidents take place due to intoxicated driving or roads that are covered in ice. With that said, you should be aware that these wrecks can happen for all sorts of other reasons, some of which might not even be taken seriously by certain people. For example, someone with arachnophobia might be responsible for causing an accident after they notice a spider in their vehicle. Moreover, news reports have covered car accidents which have been blamed on spiders in recent months and the consequences of these crashes can be just as serious.

If a driver notices a spider on their arm or leg, they could very well take their eyes away from the road in order to observe the spider and attempt to get it off. For some people, the presence of spiders can evoke an intense emotional reaction, which could cause a driver to lose their grip on the steering wheel and cross over into oncoming traffic. Or, a driver might cause a crash while they are trying to kill a spider that is on the floor. Aside from spiders, other insects, such as bees, can have the same effect. Furthermore, there are many other dangers that can distract drivers, from using a GPS to eating and using a phone.

What do football and car accidents have in common?

Football fans in California may be aware of the detrimental effects of playing the game. In past years, discussions around concussions and their short- and long-term effects have been common, even resulting in a movie starring Will Smith. What some people might not know is car accidents can also cause traumatic brain injuries that result in similar symptoms as a concussion. Being aware of the common signs may help one seek medical help.

According to Medical News Today, a concussion is considered to be a mild TBI. When the head receives a jolt, whether due to a sports hit or car crash, the brain hits the side of skull, resulting in a variety of symptoms due to possible bleeding, bruising or nerve fiber tearing. They symptoms associated with a mild TBI often include headache and some short-term bewilderment. Multiple concussions and more severe head traumas can result in more serious symptoms.

Where do most deadly rollover crashes take place?

When it comes to traffic collisions, there are many risks to keep in mind. Sometimes, people lose their lives because of drunk drivers, while others pass away in accidents that happened as a result of ice on the road. Sadly, rollover accidents can be particularly perilous and these accidents have claimed many lives over the years. If you are worried about the likelihood of a fatal rollover accident, you may find value in going over some of the characteristics of these tragic accidents.

Material put together by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provides a closer look at statistics on deadly rollover crashes. According to the NHTSA, nearly three out of every four fatal rollover wrecks occur on roads in a rural location. There may be different explanations for this trend, such as the lack of barriers on many rural roads. Almost 85 percent of deadly rollover crashes only involve one driver, but it is important to keep in mind that the rest do not. Sometimes, these crashes happen because of another driver's negligent behavior.

Changing careers after an accident

If a car accident has recently turned your life upside down, you could be going through various challenges. On the one hand, you could be having a hard time with medical expenses or physical pain. Or, perhaps you lost a loved one in the crash. Our firm has also seen how people in Orange County and across California may have their lives thrown off course after a crash due to a permanent disability. In some cases, these lifelong disabilities may leave victims unable to return to their previous line of work.

Permanent disabilities can shatter lives in various ways. Setting aside the physical pain and mental trauma many victims encounter, you may also have a hard time with medical costs. Moreover, you may be forced to look for work in another field because you are no longer able to lift heavy items or even walk. During this time, daily life can be incredibly tough and you may be worried about how you will be able to land a job in a particular field. Depending on the extent of the injuries you sustained in the crash, you might be forced to stop working altogether, which can be emotionally and financially difficult.

Auto accidents and flu season

People are often aware of many of the factors that lead to an auto collision, such as drunk driving or going over the speed limit. In Orange County, and other counties across the state of California, there are other potential problems that can result in a crash. For example, people who have become sick due to the flu may have a greater chance of causing a traffic collision. With the approach of flu season, it is critical to be mindful of this threat and avoid driving if you think you are too sick to safely take to the road.

Sadly, people may cause car accidents when they come down with the flu for different reasons. On the one hand, those suffering from the flu often have trouble sleeping, which could affect their performance behind the wheel. Moreover, drowsiness may become a serious problem for some drivers who are taking medication to combat their illness. It is also necessary to point out that flu-related symptoms such as a high fever and headaches can also divert a driver's attention from the road or affect their ability to make the correct decisions.

What are some fall weather hazards?

Traffic accidents have many causes, such as bad signage, speeding, texting while driving, driving under the influence, and more. However, it is essential for all drivers to remember that poor weather can cause crashes too. In parts of Orange County, and across California, some people may feel as if they are fortunate to avoid certain weather issues that are more prevalent in other areas, such as heavy snowfall and icy roads. However, there are numerous weather-related threats that can cause a crash during the fall.

According to the Federal Highway Administration, there are different ways in which strong winds can cause a motor vehicle accident. For example, significant gusts of wind could cause roadways to become obstructed due to fallen trees and other types of debris, which could cause drivers to drive erratically in an attempt to avoid the debris. Moreover, wind can interfere with a driver's ability to see the road by whipping up dust, for example. During the fall, rain is another serious concern. In fact, a majority of the auto accidents that were related to weather between 2005 and 2014 took place on roads that were wet while it was raining. Fog is yet another potentially dangerous weather-related factor.

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