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With a tradition of client service and litigation success that goes back more than 40 years, the lawyers of Callahan & Blaine serve the needs of commercial, corporate and consumer clients in practically every adversarial setting you can think of.


Callahan & Blaine’s trial practice reflects our firm’s commitment to client service and outstanding results across a wide range of litigation problems – business and employment law, corporate and ownership disputes, and personal injury claims. We have been working toward building the ideal civil trial practice since we opened our doors in 1984.

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What We Stand For


Our law firm represents corporate, professional and entrepreneurial clients of all sizes: multi-national, Fortune 500 companies, California-based corporations, medium and small businesses, homeowners associations, and employers and individuals engaged in business.

Most of our attorneys have won national or regional recognition as trial lawyers. With a current roster of more than 29 trial lawyers experienced and focused in virtually all civil practice areas, our law firm offers civil litigants an impressive set of credentials and client service values:



Together, our attorneys have more than 700 years of trial experience, and since 2003, our verdicts and settlements add up to over $1.0 billion. Most of our lawyers have practiced for 15, 20, or 25 years or more.


Most of our attorneys have won national or regional recognition as effective advocates on complex or novel legal problems from intellectual property to insurance coverage.


Handling evidence on disputed facts under pressure is probably the trial lawyer’s core skill, and our lawyers do it magnificently. At the same time, we demand superior performance from ourselves on every aspect of the job – investigation, claim evaluation, collaboration with experts, negotiation and even legal writing.


There are no junior associates or long chains of command at Callahan & Blaine. Our new hires typically join us after 8 to 12 years of experience with other firms. We feel that our practice is the perfect size for any litigation client whose case presents challenges of novelty or complexity, but who needs to manage the costs of a civil action.


Our law firm has won many remarkable verdicts and settlements on behalf of our business and consumer clients over the last 40 years, including:

$934 Million

Trial of complex business dispute — largest jury verdict in Orange County history.

$50 Million

The highest personal injury settlement in the history of the United States.

$58 Million

Largest insurance bad faith judgment in Orange County history.

Excellence In Communication

At Callahan & Blaine, we are dedicated to making all of our clients happy. One of the most important aspects of client satisfaction is immediate communication. Accordingly, our fundamental principles and practices at Callahan & Blaine include the following:

It is by following these best practices and principles of client satisfaction that Callahan & Blaine continues to be “California’s Premier Litigation Firm” after 40 years.


We apply to personal injury cases the same principles we live by in complex business litigation. This enables us not only to protect the value of a client’s claim, but to establish new standards for victim compensation. 

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