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Spyglass Homeowners Association

Dan Callahan, Esq.

Callahan & Blaine
3 Hutton Centre Drive, Suite 900
Santa Ana, CA 92707

Dear Dan,
This letter is to thank you for the excellent work that your firm has done for the Spyglass Homeowners Association. When Lynne Palmer, Steve Talley and I met with you about two and a half years ago, our Association was in very dire straits. Several homeowners had sued Spyglass, the panel counsel retained by one of our insurance carriers had mishandled the defense of that case and that insurance carrier had named Spyglass as a defendant in a declaratory relief action. That carrier threatened, in writing, to withdraw their duty to defend Spyglass in the homeowners’ lawsuit. They also stated that they would demand reimbursement of over $330,000 in defense costs. The other carriers had indicated that they would take similar action against Spyglass. At our first meeting, you informed us that your firm would be able to help Spyglass defeat the carriers in the declaratory relief action and ultimately obtain coverage for the defense and possible settlement of the underlying lawsuit. Thanks to your firm’s tireless efforts, especially the diligence and dedication of Ed Susolik, the very favorable outcome has exceeded Spyglass’ expectations.

Because the Spyglass Homeowners Association is a non-profit corporation that is run by a volunteer Board of Directors, we had limited resources to pay for the defense of the homeowners’ lawsuit and the insurance carriers’ action against Spyglass. In early 1997, our Association might have faced bankruptcy. Your firm rescued Spyglass from that fate by winning a hard fought battle to win a court ruling that was necessary to force the carriers’ to pay for Spyglass’ independent counsel fees. Subsequently, a settlement was reached in the homeowners’ lawsuit that was funded by those carriers. In addition, Callahan & Blaine secured the reimbursement of the money Spyglass had to spend for attorneys’ fees, geotechnical fees, costs to minimize liability and related costs over the last six and a half years. Now our Association is financially healthy again and without the burden of any homeowner lawsuits.

On behalf of the 554 homeowners in the Spyglass Homeowners Association, I would like to again express our appreciation to Callahan & Blaine for helping us when we needed good, experienced and strong legal representation.


Tony Shrikian, President
Spyglass Homeowners Association

Beckman Coulter

Daniel J. Callahan
Callahan & Blaine
3 Hutton Center Drive
Suite 900
Santa Ana, CA 92707

Re: Beckman Coulter, Inc. v. Dovatron, et al.

Dear Dan:
I want to express my sincere gratitude to you and your firm for an outstanding result in the above-referenced litigation. As I indicated to you in an earlier letter subsequent to the jury verdict, the performance that you and Brian McCormack exhibited both in court and in preparation was exemplary. The manner in which you were able to marshal the facts and present such a strong and compelling case to the jury was of the highest level of skill. Obviously, the jury was convinced by your presentation as evidence by their amazing verdict.

During the more recent post-trial motions, your guidance and counsel to me and Beckman Coulter management was invaluable, allowing us to reach an excellent settlement amount of $23,000,000. Under the circumstances and the possible rulings by Judge Lewis with respect to the motions brought by Dovatron made the settlement and receipt of the $23,000,000 an outstanding result. As we know, punitive damages awards are under attack. Not only the trial judge, but also the appellate court would never have agreed to anything close to what the jury awarded. In any event, the $934,000,000 jury award was gratifying and electrifying.

I was very impressed with your quickness to assimilate new facts as they evolved and pursue new avenues that established a basis for our additional causes of action. Your preparation and responsiveness continued to keep the defendants off-balance. It was a hard fought, but well deserved victory. I still remember the continual roadblocks the defendants placed before us during discovery and as we were preparing for trial.

In summary, my statement to you is “a job well done.” I look forward to future opportunities/challenges where we at the Beckman Coulter Legal Department can work as a team with Callahan & Blaine.

Thanks again for a great job.

Very truly yours,

William H. May
Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary

Harmon Electronics

Dan Callahan
Callahan & Blaine Attorneys at Law
3 Hutton Center Drive, Suite 900
Santa Ana, Ca. 92707

Dear Dan:
It is a great pleasure to give you a hearty CONGRATULATIONS on your big win in the recent Beckman case. What a case . . . what a victory!

I equally congratulate you on the win you made on our case, even though it is insignificant, by comparison.

Dan . . . for the record . . . I can enthusiastically endorse your firm and the direction you give your people in these complex matters. Your work to become intimately knowledgeable of the issues, the personalities involved and the case law makes you one of the best legal Minds I have ever witnessed at work.

Your preparation and presentation, at trial, make a masterpiece of fine art. You need to be publicly commended for making every persons job, of understanding the issues, easier. Your impeccable track of details makes the difference.

If there is ever an opportunity where you feel a client reference could be of value, you may freely call upon me for the finest reference one can give.

Thanks for being a PROFESSIONAL, professional!


Ray Harmon

Ricoh USA

Mr. Daniel J. Callahan
3 Hutton Centre Drive, Suite 900
Santa Ana, CA 92707

Dear Mr. Callahan:
Thank you for your letter and the copy of the Daily Journal article.

I am very pleased with the outcome of the court case. I am also very impressed with the way you handled the entire proceedings, questioning the witnesses and presenting and delivery of the facts to the jury. This reinforces my belief that having a skillful and competent trial lawyer like yourself makes a significant difference in sensitive cases such as employment actions.

Through this experience, I have learned valuable lessons, and I will be applying them to my decision-making processes in both my professional and personal life.

I am very grateful for the excellent work you performed in behalf of Ricoh. Please send my sincere appreciation to Brian and to the other team members who worked so hard behind the scenes for us.

Respectfully yours,

Yoshihiro Nomura
Executive Vice President and Group Manager

Ricoh Electronics Inc.

cc: Mr. Shunsuke Nakanishi

Mr. Brian J. McCormack

Lexington Mortgage

Ed Susolik/Daniel Callahan
3 Hutton Centre Drive
Ninth FloorSanta Ana, CA 92707

Letter of Recommendation
Lexington Mortgage is an Orange County based company specializing in residential real estate financing. As an industry leader, Lexington has periodically faced legal issues, like all other thriving business. We have always turned to the experts at Callahan & Blaine to successfully handle all of our legal issues. Whether powerfully handling complex multi-million dollar commercial litigation or simply providing concrete and efficient business advice, Callahan & Blaine has always handled all of our legal matters in the most successful and professional manner. We have repeatedly been impressed with Callahan & Blaine’s commitment, preparation, expertise, responsiveness and insight. In our opinion, they are the premier litigation law firm in California and we have an unqualified advantage over any adversary in legal issues with Callahan & Blaine as part of our team.

In addition to their business and litigation expertise, Callahan & Blaine also provides us with unparalleled insurance expertise and advice. As one of the leading insurance experts in California, Callahan & Blaine has saved us untold amounts of money by maximizing the insurance proceeds available to us with respect to our business and legal matters. Thus, not only does Callahan & Blaine successfully handle the legal issues, but they aggressively persuade the insurance companies involved to pay for their services.

In this time of uncertainty in the lending industry, I would highly recommend Callahan & Blaine to any lender facing any potential legal issues. Not only with Callahan & Blaine provide you with the best possible legal representation and litigation, but they will maximize the insurance proceeds available to you so that the insurers, and not your company, pay for attorney’s fees and settlements.


Spiros Cheng
Executive Vice President

Golden Ram

Mr. Dan Callahan,
My company has been developing a technology system that was scheduled to release in October. This launch was suspended due to a negligent roofer who left part of our building unprotected during a rainstorm. Much of our inventory and equipment was destroyed. My insurance company was delaying payments for over 4 months when I decided to call Callahan & Blaine.

Within 2 weeks of support from Doug Carasso and Ed Susolik, we received a check for $300,000 for part of our inventory loss. We then received $225,000 less than 30 days later for the balance of the inventory loss. But that is only the beginning. We started receiving business interruption checks a few weeks later that totaled over $800,000. Because the business interruption losses were somewhat speculative, your team had to assemble projections and business plans to get these payments made. As you know, insurance companies often reject these types of projected losses. The last insurance payment was wired to my bank account, so I could meet my obligations. The insurance agent said that in all his years of service, he has not seen an insured paid in that manner.

You have an incredible team of advocates. Thanks to all of you.


Christ J. Zomaya

Orange County Recorder’s Office

Statewide Association of Community Colleges

Re: Recommendation of Callahan & Blaine

Dear Members of the Board:
Throughout my years of service in government and as a member of the Orange County community, I have had experiences with many different lawyers and law firms. During this time, Callahan & Blaine has continually impressed me as one of the strongest and most competent law firms in the County. For the past 25 years, Callahan & Blaine has been an integral part of Orange County’s legal community. I am pleased to strongly recommend Callahan & Blaine as litigation counsel and would be happy to provide you with any additional information, if needed.


Tom Daly
Orange County Clerk-Recorder

City of Arcadia

Statewide Association of Community Colleges

Re: Recommendation of Law Firm of Callahan & Blaine

Ladies and Gentlemen:
The undersigned serves as City Attorney for the City of Arcadia. I am pleased to submit this letter of recommendation regarding the Law Firm of Callahan & Blaine.

The City of Arcadia retained the services of Callahan & Blaine in order to resolve a dispute with a manufacturer and vendor of certain safety services apparatus. The dispute involved a significant sum of money and a complex analysis of consumer warranty, design defect and related law. Callahan & Blaine performed excellent legal services on behalf of the City, and was able to negotiate a settlement of the dispute even prior to the necessity of filing a lawsuit. In doing so, Callahan & Blaine performed efficiently and was mindful of the City’s budgetary constraints. In all respects, the City was extremely pleased with the competence and overall performance of the assignment by Callahan & Blaine.

Based on the foregoing, I can strongly recommend Callahan & Blaine and would be pleased to provide additional information, if requested.


Stephen P. Deitsch
City Attorney

Defense of Serious Injury Case – Biondo

Dear Edward and David:

I can’t thank you both enough for all you have done for us. I’m so glad we can finally put this behind us and move on. As you know this has taken a tremendous toll on our family physically, financially and emotionally. Knowing that we were being represented by the best firm made it extremely reassuring for us. I was not ready for what was thrown at us and I’m grateful that I was referred to you by our family attorney. Her confidence in your firm was very reassuring. I too would be happy to refer your firm to anyone who may be in need! Without a doubt you are the best and you have lived up to your reputation!

Thank you so much for giving us our lives back. I fell that a weight has been lifted and we can breathe again.



Defense of Serious Injury Case – Doxas

Dear Ed,

From the bottom of my heart- THANK YOU!! You and your firm will get nothing but rave reviews from me and I am very impressed with all that you did for me.

Your passion for this work is obviously still alive and I received the outcome I had been hoping for since June.


Brenda D.

Thank you all for the great job done. Your consistent attention, expertise and professionalism is greatly appreciated. We definitely would not have achieved the same outcome without your services. My family and I thank you.


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