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Ray Harmon

October 28, 2003
Dan Callahan
Callahan & Blaine Attorneys at Law
3 Hutton Center Drive, Suite 900
Santa Ana, Ca. 92707

Dear Dan:

It is a great pleasure to give you a hearty CONGRATULATIONS on your big win in the recent Beckman case. What a case . . . what a victory!

I equally congratulate you on the win you made on our case, even though it is insignificant, by comparison.

Dan . . . for the record . . . I can enthusiastically endorse your firm and the direction you give your people in these complex matters. Your work to become intimately knowledgeable of the issues, the personalities involved and the case law makes you one of the best legal Minds I have ever witnessed at work.

Your preparation and presentation, at trial, make a masterpiece of fine art. You need to be publicly commended for making every persons job, of understanding the issues, easier. Your impeccable track of details makes the difference.

If there is ever an opportunity where you feel a client reference could be of value, you may freely call upon me for the finest reference one can give.

Thanks for being a PROFESSIONAL, professional!


Ray Harmon

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