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Christ J. Zomaya

Mr. Dan Callahan,

My company has been developing a technology system that was scheduled to release in October. This launch was suspended due to a negligent roofer who left part of our building unprotected during a rainstorm. Much of our inventory and equipment was destroyed. My insurance company was delaying payments for over 4 months when I decided to call Callahan & Blaine.

Within 2 weeks of support from Doug Carasso and Ed Susolik, we received a check for $300,000 for part of our inventory loss. We then received $225,000 less than 30 days later for the balance of the inventory loss. But that is only the beginning. We started receiving business interruption checks a few weeks later that totaled over $800,000. Because the business interruption losses were somewhat speculative, your team had to assemble projections and business plans to get these payments made. As you know, insurance companies often reject these types of projected losses. The last insurance payment was wired to my bank account, so I could meet my obligations. The insurance agent said that in all his years of service, he has not seen an insured paid in that manner.

You have an incredible team of advocates. Thanks to all of you.


Christ J. Zomaya


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