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Stephen P. Deitsch

September 21, 2009

Statewide Association of Community Colleges

Re: Recommendation of Law Firm of Callahan & Blaine

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The undersigned serves as City Attorney for the City of Arcadia. I am pleased to submit this letter of recommendation regarding the Law Firm of Callahan & Blaine.

The City of Arcadia retained the services of Callahan & Blaine in order to resolve a dispute with a manufacturer and vendor of certain safety services apparatus. The dispute involved a significant sum of money and a complex analysis of consumer warranty, design defect and related law. Callahan & Blaine performed excellent legal services on behalf of the City, and was able to negotiate a settlement of the dispute even prior to the necessity of filing a lawsuit. In doing so, Callahan & Blaine performed efficiently and was mindful of the City’s budgetary constraints. In all respects, the City was extremely pleased with the competence and overall performance of the assignment by Callahan & Blaine.

Based on the foregoing, I can strongly recommend Callahan & Blaine and would be pleased to provide additional information, if requested.


Stephen P. Deitsch

City Attorney

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