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Yoshihiro Nomura

Mr. Daniel J. Callahan
18 Fern Canyon Lane
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

Dear Mr. Callahan:

Thank you for your letter and the copy of the Daily Journal article.

I am very pleased with the outcome of the court case. I am also very impressed with the way you handled the entire proceedings, questioning the witnesses and presenting and delivery the fats to the jury. This reinforces my belief that having a skillful and competent trial lawyer like yourself makes a significant difference in sensitive cases such as employment actions.

Through this experience, I have learned valuable lessons, and I will be applying them to my decision-making processes in both my professional and personal life.

I am very grateful for the excellent work you performed in behalf of Ricoh. Please send my sincere appreciation to Brian and to the other team members who worked so hard behind the scenes for us.

Respectfully yours,

Yoshihiro Nomura

Executive Vice President and Group Manager

Ricoh Electronics Inc.

cc: Mr. Shunsuke Nakanishi

Mr. Brian J. McCormack

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