Auto accidents and flu season

People are often aware of many of the factors that lead to an auto collision, such as drunk driving or going over the speed limit. In Orange County, and other counties across the state of California, there are other potential problems that can result in a crash. For example, people who have become sick due to the flu may have a greater chance of causing a traffic collision. With the approach of flu season, it is critical to be mindful of this threat and avoid driving if you think you are too sick to safely take to the road.

Sadly, people may cause car accidents when they come down with the flu for different reasons. On the one hand, those suffering from the flu often have trouble sleeping, which could affect their performance behind the wheel. Moreover, drowsiness may become a serious problem for some drivers who are taking medication to combat their illness. It is also necessary to point out that flu-related symptoms such as a high fever and headaches can also divert a driver’s attention from the road or affect their ability to make the correct decisions.

If you were struck by someone who was sick or caused an accident for any other reason, you need to look over your different options with a skilled Newport Beach personal injury lawyer as you try to move on. Sometimes, legal action becomes necessary following a traffic accident. Over on our personal injury page, you will be able to read through more material that focuses on motor vehicle accidents.