Automatic transmission and distracted driving

Some drivers prefer to operate vehicles with manual transmission, while others may opt for a car with automatic transmission. People may prefer to drive a stick shift because it allows them to control the vehicle better, while some drivers may be unfamiliar with operating these types of vehicles and decide to stick with automatic transmission. Unfortunately, automatic transmission can, in some instances, increase the chances of a driver becoming distracted on the road.

When someone drives a vehicle with automatic transmission, they may not need to pay attention to the road as much while operating their vehicle. Some may decide to use a phone with the mental freedom that automatic transmission vehicles offer, and this can be deadly. Manual transmission vehicles often require more attention in certain instances, and those who drive a stick shift may frequently have to devote more mental focus to what they are doing.

Of course, distracted driving can occur in any type of vehicle and it is pivotal for all drivers to be aware of any distractions that could interfere with their ability to focus on the road, regardless of how experienced they are or the type of vehicle they are driving. In fact, some very skilled and experienced drivers may become overly confident and find themselves distracted behind the wheel, while a less experienced driver may be more concerned about what is going on in front of them. If you were involved in a wreck, it is crucial to consider any factors that may be relevant with a qualified Newport Beach car accident lawyer, especially if you are heading to court.