Brain injury awards can amount to millions of dollars

Spend some time reading the news about settlements and jury awards in connection with brain injury cases, and you might be surprised at how much they can amount to. In California, sums of of millions of dollars are not uncommon; at Callahan & Blaine, for example, we have helped our clients to win settlements of up to $28 million in traumatic brain injury claims.

How can this come to pass? The answer may be simpler than you may think.

It helps to consider what the direct and indirect consequences can be to you if you suffer a brain injury.

Let’s start with the immediate concern of medical treatment and rehabilitation costs. The brain is delicate and complex, and it takes a highly specialized doctor to treat a brain injury. Specialization will cost you more, especially if surgery is needed. And the brain surgeon is just the tip of the allegorical iceberg: he or she will often work in combination with a host of other highly trained and specialized professionals, including occupational and rehabilitation therapists, nurses, vocational rehabilitation workers, and even psychological counselors. Treatment can be a long-term proposition, possibly even a lifelong one.

Now consider the possibility of not being able to return to work, at least for a while, and possibly for the rest of your life. Your lost income expectation has a real, and measurable value.

And if the direct consequences to you are not enough, consider also that a serious brain injury will have an impact on your loved ones. The loss of your companionship and support will affect them in ways that may be hard to quantify in dollar terms, but nonetheless have a value.

When you put it all together, what you can lose, and the cost of recovery, make those multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts easier to understand.

As Newport Beach brain injury lawyers, we help our injured clients to secure from those responsible for their injuries compensation so that they can, to the maximum extent possible, be made whole again. You can  learn more about our services by going to our brain injuries webpage.

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