Can You Hold Amazon Liable for a Delivery Truck Accident in California?

The sight of delivery trucks navigating through California neighborhoods and highways is a daily occurrence. Among these, Amazon delivery vehicles, with their distinctive blue and prime logos, are a common sight, delivering countless packages to doorsteps across the state. However, with the increase in delivery services, there comes an inevitable rise in the number of vehicles on the road. If you have been injured due to the negligence of an Amazon delivery truck driver, you may hold multiple parties accountable for damages. 

Amazon typically uses third-party delivery services and third-party contractors to make their deliveries to avoid liability, so seeking compensation directly from the monolith retailer is not likely. However, employees of Amazon Flex are covered by $1 million commercial liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage caused by its drivers. Coverage may only apply if the delivery driver has auto insurance and the accident occurred while the driver was on the clock making a delivery. Speak with the experienced Amazon delivery truck accident lawyers at Callahan & Blaine to understand your legal options. 

Liable Parties in an Amazon Delivery Truck Accident

Being involved in a car accident with an Amazon delivery truck can leave you questioning who is at fault for the injuries you suffered. Each incident is unique, and establishing fault hinges on the specific details of the collision.

Accidents with Amazon delivery trucks often stem from driver errors such as speeding, not paying attention, driving while tired, or being under the influence of substances. However, these incidents can be more complex than a typical car accident, and it is possible the driver was not at fault. When it comes to truck accidents, identifying who is responsible can be challenging due to the potential for multiple parties to be involved. 

In the case of an accident with an Amazon truck, those potentially at fault may include the following:

  • The delivery drivers themselves
  • The delivery driver’s employer
  • The company responsible for maintaining the truck
  • The entity responsible for loading the truck
  • Other individuals, such as pedestrians 

This is not a comprehensive list of who may bear responsibility for an accident. Additionally, California operates under a comparative fault system, which means that responsibility for the accident can be distributed among all parties involved. While being partially at fault does not prevent you from pursuing or obtaining compensation, the amount you recover could be adjusted based on your share of the fault. 

Seek the legal counsel of a skilled Amazon truck accident lawyer at Callahan & Blaine to conduct a thorough investigation of the incident to pinpoint the cause and liability so you can seek the compensation you deserve. 

How to Recover Compensation in an Amazon Delivery Truck Accident 

If you are involved in an accident with an Amazon delivery driver, you may question whether Amazon itself can be held accountable. Typically, Amazon manages to sidestep direct responsibility for accidents caused by its delivery drivers, mainly by employing third-party delivery services and independent contractors for its deliveries.

Delivery Service Partners vs. Amazon Flex

Amazon delivery drivers primarily fall into one of two categories: employees of Amazon Delivery Service Partners (DSPs) or independent contractors participating in Amazon Flex. DSPs operate independently from Amazon, with their drivers being employees of these separate entities, not Amazon. These companies lease Amazon-branded vehicles for their delivery operations, and their drivers often wear Amazon uniforms.

On the flip side, Amazon Flex serves as a platform for independent contractors. These drivers are not Amazon employees and use their personal vehicles to make deliveries. Should you suffer an injury from an accident involving an Amazon delivery driver, there are potential avenues for compensation, but the path depends on the driver’s status, the details of the accident, and who was at fault.

Who Is Responsible for Compensation?

If the involved driver is a DSP employee, you might seek compensation through the delivery company’s commercial auto insurance. Conversely, if the driver is associated with Amazon Flex, you could file a claim under Amazon’s commercial liability auto policy.

Amazon offers up to $1 million in commercial liability coverage for injuries and losses caused by Amazon Flex drivers to third parties. However, this coverage is contingent on the driver having personal auto insurance and the accident happening while the driver was making deliveries during their scheduled delivery block.

In many situations, a claim might be filed against the driver’s commercial liability insurance. DSP-employed drivers are typically covered by commercial policies. Independent contractors, depending on the specifics at the time of the accident, might also have commercial coverage. If the involved driver lacks commercial insurance, pursuing compensation through the driver’s personal auto insurance policy may be an option.

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