Car accidents and GPS

Our Newport Beach car accident lawyers have approached the topic of auto accidents from many angles, but there are even more considerations that may be helpful for you to go over. For example, you may want to review how GPS can influence the likelihood of an auto accident. We know that traffic collision victims were often not able to prevent or avoid the accident, but certain factors may be helpful to think about more.

Distracted driving is a major concern and someone who is using a GPS, or trying to read a map, may be more likely to cause an accident because they have taken their attention off the road. It is also worth mentioning that your GPS could possibly be used to reduce the likelihood of a crash as well. For example, it might help you find your way easier and be less distracted looking for roads and feeling stressed out. Moreover, there are other ways technology and information can assist drivers, such as alerting them to areas of high congestion. Aside from using a GPS, many other distractions pose hazards to everyone on the road and should be watched out for. Sadly, these distractions have led to motor vehicle wrecks that either claim lives or leave innocent people with lifelong injuries.

GPS systems can be a helpful too for drivers, just like maps and the radio. However, it is vital to be mindful of any possible distractions and ensure that you drive safely. Our car accidents page offers more concerning the consequences of distracted driving wrecks.