Construction workers face risk of fatal accidents

Constructions workers in Orange County face a wide range of potentially fatal workplace risks on a daily basis. In fact, the construction industry is particularly dangerous to workers, as illustrated by recent fatality statistics.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, four accidents prove especially dangerous to construction workers all over the nation. In 2014, this grouping (often referred to as “the fatal four”) were cited in 60.6 percent of the total fatalities taking place in the construction industry. Among all private work industries, 20.5 percent of the 4,386 worker deaths that same year occurred on construction sites.

In terms of the four most fatal risks facing construction workers, falls incur the greatest risk (in 2014, falls comprised 39.9 percent of all construction fatalities). Additionally, violations of OSHA-designed fall safety standards are the most frequent. Among the rest of the fatal four, electrocutions and being struck by an object made up 8.2 and 8.1 percent of all construction deaths respectively, while workers caught or stuck in equipment or machinery accounted for 4.3 percent of construction fatalities (classed as caught-in/between).

Because these risks are so prevalent throughout the construction industry as a whole, it’s imperative that both employers and employees adhere to essential safety standards. lists those standards which must be upheld, such as taking the utmost care when operating machinery. Having more experienced workers serve as mentors can be extremely helpful in this case, as they can counsel new employees on what to look out for. Comprehensive training is also crucial; in addition to ongoing training, managers and other personnel in positions of leadership should hold training sessions after an accident occurs to develop a reasonable safety plan going forward.