Death in mental health facility may bring wrongful death suit

As incidents of severe depression increase in California and around the country, treatment for the mentally ill is experiencing increased awareness in the medical community and the general public. A young man was recently admitted to a facility in the Los Angeles area. What occurred there could result in a wrongful death lawsuit.

A young man had been adrift and wandering around Los Angeles. He was observed experiencing a mental breakdown and was taken to a facility in South Los Angeles, where he was admitted. Less than a week later, he was found dead in his room. He appeared to have been strangled.

Another patient in the facility, who was believed to be severely depressed and possibly suicidal, has been accused in the case. Upon further investigation, the facility appeared to be in violation of required oversight and monitoring of patients. There have been additional complaints of violent encounters between patients that allegedly went unreported.

Mental health issues are very serious and can require acute care. The facility in this case was recently recertified, and a representative of the California Department of Public Health reported that the facility was in full compliance with state and federal regulations. Having a loved one who is struggling with mental health issues can be devastating, and losing a loved one to a preventable attack in a facility intended to provide care should not happen. While nothing can undo the pain of such a tragedy, a conversation with a personal injury professional can provide a client with information regarding a possible wrongful death lawsuit.

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