Depression and the risk of a crash

When people think about negative emotions and motor vehicle wrecks, anger is one of the first emotions that many people will probably have in mind. While anger can result in road rage and a driver becoming aggressive on the road, there are other ways in which emotions can impact driving abilities. For example, someone who is depressed may also be more likely to cause a motor vehicle wreck.

Depression occurs for all sorts of reasons. Someone may be very sad after a family member passes away, because of losing their job, or breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend. Divorce and various family law issues, such as a child custody decision, can also leave one feeling depressed. These strong emotions can become overwhelming and they can impact driving abilities in different ways. For example, a driver who is very depressed may not react as quickly while behind the wheel, or their mental focus may be adversely affected by the challenges they are facing.

Moreover, some people who are depressed may have sleep-related issues that can impact their ability to drive and they may also take prescription medications, drink more alcohol or consume unlawful drugs, all of which can affect a driver’s abilities behind the wheel.

Car accidents can also cause depression and if you were hit by someone who was driving erratically for any reason, you should look into your options with a skilled Newport Beach car accident lawyer. From help with hospital costs and lost wages to recovering from your injuries and mental trauma, there are many examples of suffering due to motor vehicle wrecks.