Disciplinary actions in jail may have led to wrongful death suit

Young people sometimes act out and get themselves into trouble in California, and on occasion that may land a person in jail. Disciplinary action may be necessary to restrain someone but it certainly should not permanently harm or kill a person. In the instance of a death, a wrongful death lawsuit may be warranted.

In a recent case in Alameda County, a young man died while in police custody. The 23-year-old was said to have died as a result of mechanical asphyxiation that was possibly brought on by being restrained in what is called a WRAP device. The device restrains a person in a sitting position.

The family claims that their son’s death was avoidable. They also allege that there was an attempt to cover up the cause of death as a hood known as a spit hood had been placed over the man’s head and was not part of the restraint that had been used. The complaint also asserts that the officers who applied the WRAP device were not fully trained in the correct procedures for doing so.

Police officers do their jobs to protect all citizens, enforce the laws and help to ensure that justice is served. Excessive force in carrying out their duty should not be condoned. A person in California who believes a loved may have suffered wrongful death in any circumstances is entitled to answers regarding the circumstances of the death. A professional can review the facts and evidence involved in a case and assess whether there may be grounds for a wrongful death claim for monetary damages.