Drawing a connection between spiders and car crashes

Many Americans recognize that car accidents take place due to intoxicated driving or roads that are covered in ice. With that said, you should be aware that these wrecks can happen for all sorts of other reasons, some of which might not even be taken seriously by certain people. For example, someone with arachnophobia might be responsible for causing an accident after they notice a spider in their vehicle. Moreover, news reports have covered car accidents which have been blamed on spiders in recent months and the consequences of these crashes can be just as serious.

If a driver notices a spider on their arm or leg, they could very well take their eyes away from the road in order to observe the spider and attempt to get it off. For some people, the presence of spiders can evoke an intense emotional reaction, which could cause a driver to lose their grip on the steering wheel and cross over into oncoming traffic. Or, a driver might cause a crash while they are trying to kill a spider that is on the floor. Aside from spiders, other insects, such as bees, can have the same effect. Furthermore, there are many other dangers that can distract drivers, from using a GPS to eating and using a phone.

If you were hit by another driver, it would be smart to go over your legal options with an Irvine injury lawyer experienced in car accidents. If their recklessness caused the crash, they should not get away with their actions. Our personal injury page offers more on traffic crashes.