Drivers must take pedestrian safety seriously

Beautiful California weather often means an increased amount of pedestrian foot traffic on busy roads and intersections. That’s why pedestrian safety is so crucial; drivers must take into account their presence on the road, and also ensure they are following common sense principles when it comes to preserving the well-being of others.

To this end, provides a few essential tips to help drivers keep pedestrian safety in mind. Distractions are highly dangerous when driving, whether they involve eating, having a conversation, using a mobile device or simply changing the music on the radio. Speeding is another dangerous driving behavior that should be avoided at all times, as speeding can greatly increase the odds of a fatal accident occurring.

Child pedestrians are a particular concern, as kids tend to be less cautious when navigating busy intersections. In this case, it’s up to drivers to remain alert for the presence of children on the road, especially when traveling in close proximity to schools or playgrounds. Obeying applicable traffic rules and regulations is another way to avoid injuring pedestrians. Rushing through stop signs and lights can easily lead to disaster should an unwitting pedestrian stray into the path of a vehicle.

Even pedestrians themselves can take certain steps to mitigate the risk of serious injury when out and about. According to the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center, pedestrians should make every attempt to stay on the sidewalk when possible. When crossing the street, only designated crosswalks should be used to ensure pedestrians remain visible to motorists. In the same token, pedestrians should also proceed with caution even when afforded the right-of-way.