Driving with dogs and the risk of a collision

Many people enjoy taking their dogs to the park or bringing them along when they go to visit a friend or family member. Likewise, dogs often enjoy riding in the car as well. However, there are some important things to keep in mind if you regularly drive with your dog, especially if you do not have very much experience bringing your furry friend along with you while you are on the road. For example, new dog owners may lack experience in this area and they may cause an auto accident.

First of all, dog owners should be mindful of their pet and make sure that they will not increase the chances of a wreck. For example, a loud bark may startle a driver and cause them to swerve into another lane. Or, a dog may become extremely excited and try to jump onto their owner’s lap while they are trying to drive, which could result in the driver losing control of the vehicle. Unfortunately, these types of incidents have caused car accidents in the past and dog owners have a responsibility to be aware of any hazards that could affect their driving abilities.

If you were struck by a vehicle and you believe that the driver’s dog played a role in the accident, you may want to bring this up in the courtroom and should consider speaking with a knowledgeable car accident attorney in Newport Beach, CA. A dog’s behavior is no excuse for driving dangerously or putting lives at risk due to carelessness and drivers who cause these accidents should need to answer for victims’ suffering.